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    How to track paid invoices as Poplar vendor


    Once you have completed a work order, upload the corresponding invoice to your Vendor Portal to make sure that your payment is processed.

    How do I monitor my invoice payments?

    Once we receive your invoice, we will send it to AvidPay for processing. You will receive an email notification once the payment has been initiated. To monitor the status of your invoices, please visit the AvidPay Network for Supplier Portal.

    If you are already on the AvidPay Network but haven’t accessed your Supplier Portal, you can register here.

    When can I receive my payment?

    Depending on your preference, you can choose from the following payment methods when signing up with AvidPay:

    • AvidPay Direct: Receive your payment directly into your bank account within 3 business days.
    • Mastercard: Get payments delivered to you via email the day after approval.
    • Paper Check: AvidPay will take care of printing and mailing your check via USPS, which should take a few weeks to arrive in your mail.

    For concerns regarding this payment, you may reach out to AvidPay by submitting a support ticket or through Live Chat.

    Read more on how to ensure prompt payments on Getting Paid with Avidpay: A Guide for Vendors.

    Want to be part of Poplar’s vendor network? Sign up to Poplar’s VendorPortal here.