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Why Poplar Homes

Get 5-star concierge experience for the place you call home

Kiss maintenance worries goodbye with 24/7 support

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Build credit toward buying a home with Poplar StreetCred

How it works


Find your new home without the stress and fuss

Poplar makes renting a home as easy as buying a book.

1. Professionally managed homes


Browse our listings with confidence. All Poplar homes have been verified habitable and safe for occupancy. We visit every home to take photos and 3D scans. You can virtually tour digital floor plans, allowing you to make informed decisions from anywhere.

2. Apply online for free


Cut down on the paperwork. Just fill out your Poplar renter profile once and it auto-magically verifies your credentials. Sit back and apply for free to any Poplar home with just a tap.

3. Conveniently sign your lease


Receive a secure digital lease for signing. After you sign, make all your initial payments by safely connecting your bank account via login. We only charge a fee to cover application costs once you lease with us.

4. Move in without worry


Your place is move-in ready so you can get settled instantly and comfortably. Just enter the property anytime within your move-in date. We’ll give you a code to get the keys from the secure lockbox.

5. 24/7 support just a tap away


Maintenance and payment concerns need not keep you up at night. Your Resident Dashboard gives you access to support for any concerns related to your place. You can easily automate and split rent payments plus access exclusive benefits.

Contactless Rentals


Rent remotely with ease and confidence

With Poplar, finding a rental remotely has never been safer or easier. We personally verify all our properties and owners, we never ask you to wire money, and of course you can always schedule a virtual tour.

Contactless Rental Process

Poplar Homes enables you with 3D Virtual tours, free online application, and our AI-driven chatbot so you can sign a lease without human contact.

Rent a Home Remotely

Moving out of your local area is smoother with Poplar Homes. All listings have virtual tours and detailed floorplans. Your application can be completed from anywhere.

Real Human Support

Our team is available via text, phone, and email. You’ll have dedicated support throughout the process to accommodate any needs or questions.

Professionally Managed Listings

We visit every home and directly manage the property day-to-day. Every home is cleaned and maintained for habitability and our residents’ safety.

Poplar Home Tours

Poplar homes are open for viewing on-demand with our flexible Self-Tours, where you can book a tour online and view the home at a time convenient to you. Or view it wherever you are with our Virtual Tours complete with detailed 3D listing photos and floorplans.

Poplar StreetCred


Turn rent into an investment towards your future home

1. What is Poplar StreetCred?

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StreetCred can be your ticket to owning your own home. It’s a credit that you get a portion of as cash back when you buy a home through Poplar Homes. Twenty percent of your monthly rent goes towards your StreetCred balance. The longer you rent with us, the more StreetCred you earn!

2. How can I use my Poplar StreetCred?


To redeem your Poplar StreetCred credits, simply assign us as your buyer’s agent when you’re ready to buy any home in any location (that we’re licensed in). We’ll let you know exactly how much cash back you’ll earn after selecting your home to purchase. Within a few weeks after closing escrow, you’ll receive a check. You may use these funds to cover closing costs in your transaction up to the allowable limits of your mortgage lender.


3. How do I sign up for Poplar StreetCred?

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You’ll be automatically signed up when you lease a Poplar home. Otherwise, join our waitlist then follow the instructions that best suits your current situation.

Reliable, from beginning to end


Poplar Homes is reliable. They follow through with concerns from beginning up to closing out an issue.

Virginia Abellera

San Jose, CA

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This has been my smoothest and easiest renting experience!


This has been the smoothest and easiest transaction to renting my new home. Thank you!

Adrianna De Santiago

Oakland, CA

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