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        Why Poplar

        With clever tech and dedicated professionals, we make leasing and management effortless

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        Poplar takes care of everything with zero fuss – from listing, to leasing, maintenance, and beyond

        And our efficient tech platform keeps you in the loop, so you always know what’s happening

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        The outcome: a load off your shoulders, giving you peace of mind and freedom to do what you love

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        Unlock your portfolio’s earning potential, know your ROI on property management

        Learn the real cost of DIY management

        How much is DIY management really costing you? Find out how much Poplar saves you with our innovative ROI calculator.
        Use ROI Calculator

        De-risk your investment with our Poplar guarantees

        Qualified Resident Guarantee

        We find thoroughly screened tenants by verifying credit, income, employment, and background – so Poplar renters are always completely guaranteed.

        Rent Guarantee

        We put our money behind qualified renters, giving you financial security. We’ll initiate rent payouts by the third business day of the month–whether your renter pays on time or not.

        Eviction Coverage

        Evictions are rare for us. But if it does happen to a Poplar-qualified resident, we partner with top attorneys to evict and cover up to $15,000 towards legal fees.

        Premium Protection

        Protect your property from unforeseen damages and inevitable wear and tear with Poplar 360’s annual Maintenance Credit with Home Warranty. Upgrade your property with Capital Improvement Credits you earn each year.

        Poplar vs traditional renting


        • We list on multiple websites, social media, and real estate agent networks with on-demand Poplar Tours any day
        • We guarantee payout on the third of the month with automated rent payment
        • We use vetted and insured vendors with no markup for our maintenance tasks
        • We provide real-time financial reporting and up to $15,000 eviction coverage


        • Lists on the market longer, with limited showings and weekend open houses
        • Pays owner when rent comes in
        • Hires handy man with 15% markup for maintenance requests
        • No efficient online income management; no eviction coverage


        • No premium Zillow listing. Limited exposure and longer days on market
        • Stuck in traffic on the way to showings only to find no one shows up
        • Chase after your residents to get the rent paid on time. No rent guarantee
        • Carry full eviction and legal liability without protection
        • Surprise maintenance calls in the middle of the night

        How it works


        Zero-fuss property management. Effortless rental income.

        1. Sign up and get ready for success

        rent summary statistics poplar v2

        Onboard your rental portfolio in a breeze. Get access to an Owner dashboard that provides a full view of performance stats and property records. Simply fly through the steps online to sign up for management. We’ll come to visit any vacant property and do a 3D scan to make your listings shine 💎. After onboarding, you’re set for success!

        Sign Up For Property Management

        2. Fill your vacancies faster


        Attract renters in droves! Our listings are designed to stand out. After we make a digital twin for your property’s virtual tour glory, our bots get to work. Our leasing engine is rich with data to help price your vacancies correctly. You’ll get premium placements on top listing sites such as Zillow. Renters can book self-tours and fly through the process using our AI chatbot. We’ll even promote your listing with our special sauce social media advertising at no extra charge.

        3. Handover management to us


        Whether we find your tenant or you hand us your preoccupied place, we’ll take over in a jiffy. Our team has resolved 10,000+ maintenance issues and processes $280 million in annual rent payout. We provide best-in-class maintenance and rent collection services. Take back your freedom and never worry about your properties.

        4. Experience the Poplar Homes guarantee


        Secure your rental income with our automated rent collection. We’ll payout your rent faster than any other platform with our proprietary payments platform. With qualified residents, we’ll even guarantee you get paid by the third up to fifth business day of every month (Terms & Conditions apply). Watch the money roll in with real-time records kept on your Owner dashboard.

        5. Sit back and live easy


        We have everything covered through lease extensions, move-outs, and security deposits. You’ll receive automated alerts through each step of the process for maximum transparency. Plus, your property is covered 24/7 with humans and bots handling anything that comes our way. Want to further de-risk rental ownership? Poplar 360 is an all-inclusive management package that simplifies all your maintenance and management expenses into one fee. Upgrade your property to 360 for $3k+ annual maintenance coverage and capital improvement credits.

        Our services


        Enjoy peace of mind as we do all the work for you

        Property Onboarding

        Lease faster by onboarding your property quickly and painlessly. Simply complete our habitability checklist and our Fielder will make an in-person visit to take marketing photos and a 3D scan.

        Listing Photos

        Highlight your property with appealing photos and 3D floor plans that make it stand out from the rest.

        Listing and Marketing

        Maximize exposure of your listing to get more views and inquiries and rent it out faster.

        On-demand Poplar Home Tours

        Leave a strong impression with Poplar Home Tours to turn prospects into applicants and fill your vacancy fast.

        Tenant Screening

        Select from quality renters we have carefully vetted with our quick and thorough screening process.

        Rental Lease Preparation

        Be assured of our law-compliant lease agreements customized with your terms.

        Move-In and Move-Out

        Protect your asset and income with thorough inspections and documentation at move-in and move-out.

        Automated Rent Collection

        Get your payout easily with automated online rent collection.

        Expense and Income Tracking

        Monitor and optimize your rental income with real-time updates - anytime, anywhere.

        Rental Maintenance

        We coordinate everything for you so you can free yourself from maintenance work and focus on your investment.

        Annual Inspection

        Our Annual Health and Safety Inspection ensures your rental is habitable, safe and hazard-free.

        Rent Guarantee

        With Poplar Homes pre-approved renters, we cover your payout even when your renter pays late.

        Eviction Coverage

        Get peace of mind with coverage for expensive eviction-related costs for approved renters.

        Our service packages

        Our property management services come in two seamless and stress-free packages
        – Standard and 360. Here’s what you get.

        Poplar Standard

        • Tenant Placement
        • Automated Online Rent Payments
        • Expense and Income Tracking
        • Zero Maintenance Markup
        • Annual Inspections
        • Rent Guarantee
        • Eviction Coverage

        Poplar 360

        • Everything in Poplar Standard, Plus:
        • Home Warranty
        • Annual $3,000 Maintenance Credit
        • Up to $1,000 Capital Improvement Credit Per Year
        • In-house Maintenance by Poplar Home Service
        • Coverage for 21 Appliances and Home Systems

        Introducing Poplar 360

        Poplar 360 is a complete management solution. We’re going to cover your maintenance and annual upgrades all under one monthly fee. It’s true freedom.

        Complete Property Management

        Poplar 360 is the industry’s first all-encompassing property management solution that combines Home Warranty, Maintenance, and Capital Improvements to ensure your property is profitable and viable for the long-term.

        Inclusive Property Maintenance Credit

        Poplar 360 provides an annual $3,000 maintenance credit to keep your property in top shape and prevent future maintenance issues. The credit covers maintenance service by our Home Services Team that caters to your day-to-day property maintenance, and those by a third-party from our network of vetted and insured service providers.

        Free Capital Improvement Credit

        Get up to $1,000 in Capital Improvement Credit after each year with 360 and use it to improve your home and increase its value. The less maintenance credit you spend, the more improvement credit you earn.

        360 home warranty protection


        Securing your investment is our top priority, so 360 comes with a Home Warranty that saves you time and money.

        Get more savings

        Save more with 360’s Home Warranty that covers repair and replacement of 21 home systems and appliances within your property.

        Be assured with trusted providers

        We trust only the best, so we partner with reputable Home Warranty companies to get the most competitive warranty plan for you.

        Save time and effort

        Free your self from the time-consuming search for a plan that fits your needs and budget. We’ll help you file claims so you can relax knowing your rental is kept in good shape.

        Great news! 360 is available in Bay Area.

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        Poplar 360 is available at

        • Greater Seattle Area
        • San Francisco Bay Area
        • Los Angeles County
        • San Diego County
        • Orange County
        • Riverside County