Expense and Income Tracking


Enjoy peace of mind as we do all the work for you

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Get full transparency on transactions

Get real-time updates on all income and expenses associated with your property. We add in charges and invoices as soon as we receive them.

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Forecast property-related expenses

Predict operating costs over the lease term. On your Owner Dashboard, access data you need to identify and eliminate unnecessary recurring expenses.

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Strategize using real data

Make sound investment decisions using real data and updates on your property’s finances. Use your dashboard to calculate ROI and plan investments.

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File taxes accurately with our master report

File your tax stress-free as we provide you a 1099 form and a master report of your rental expenses and income over the past year.

Our innovative tech and dedicated team of experts will take care of your rental property. We take the load off your shoulders, so you can live easy.

Worry less about your investment and lease it out ASAP!

97% of our homeowners continue to enjoy our Property Management Services. Here’s why they love it.

Reliable, from beginning to end


Poplar Homes is reliable. They follow through with concerns from beginning up to closing out an issue

Virginia Abellera

San Jose, CA

renter testimonial

I love the entire web experience with Poplar Homes


I love being able to manage the entire experience remotely and via their website. It definitely helps make the process more smooth and convenient.

Marty Gerstenberger

Auburn, Washington

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This has been my smoothest and easiest renting experience!


This has been the smoothest and easiest transaction to renting my new home. Thank you

Adrianna De Santiago

Oakland, CA

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