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    The San Francisco Bay Area’s competitive rental prices offer property owners a lucrative business opportunity. REthority, San Francisco’s credible source for all things real estate, states that the best way to leverage the thriving rental market is to hire a top property management company.

    The question is, which San Francisco top property manager should owners hire? 

    Assessed based on services and fees, Onerent, now Poplar Homes emerged as REthority’s top choice besting property management companies Present Financial Property Management, Hemlane Property Management, MYND Property Management, among others.

    What makes Poplar Homes a cut above the rest? Poplar Homes offers transparent and contactless rental experience at flexible pricing options.


    Homes Leasing Services From Poplar Homes

    Top Property Manager in San Francisco


    If your goal is to fill in your vacancy in no time, Poplar Homes Leasing Services takes care of everything for a one-time tenant placement fee.

    We list your property to over 40 websites, advertise your listing on Facebook and Instagram, include a detailed floor plan, and take premium photos for maximum engagement. 

    Ace, our smart virtual rental assistant, makes the contactless experience friendlier for prospects. Renters can complete their application within the rental assistant chatbot. They can even go on a 3D Virtual Tour to explore your rental or book on-demand home tours with Ace.

    Prospects can request an on-demand showing at the property with a Guided Tour. In keeping with social distancing, they can also book a Self-Tour to view your property on their own.

    To help you select a qualified tenant, we conduct a thorough screening. We qualify prospects based on their background, eviction history, credit score, income, and employment. Once you find a qualified renter, we also handle lease preparations for you with an attorney approved lease. 

    It’s a given that you must get high-quality renters to earn from your San Francisco rental. If you’re looking to manage and maintain your property, Poplar Homes got you covered with the Basic Management service.

    Learn more about Poplar Homes Leasing Services.

    Basic Management Services From Poplar Homes

    Poplar Homes most popular service is the Basic Management service. For a one-time leasing fee, this plan ensures you have a qualified tenant in place. We offer all features from the leasing service plus move-in and move-out inspections to ensure your property is at its best. 

    For a monthly management fee, you get peace of mind with tech-driven features that let you manage and maintain your property conveniently.

    Owners get their very own real-time Owner Dashboard. With this smart tool, you get to make sound investment decisions as you now have the power to track and calculate your rental property’s cash flow.

    The Dashboard also allows owners to track maintenance requests. Our Maintenance Support is available round-the-clock to assist in home repair needs and emergencies. Together with vetted and insured service providers, Poplar Homes strives to promptly attend to your home emergencies at affordable prices and zero-markups.  

    Apart from taking care of your usual concerns as the rental owner, Poplar Homes’ Basic Management plan also has your best interest at heart. In the unfortunate event that we have to evict a tenant we placed, we will handle the full legal process and its corresponding fees.

    If you’re looking for a plan that allows for maximum income with minimal effort, Poplar Homes 360 may be for you.


    Poplar Homes 360 Services From Poplar Homes













    As its name suggests, Poplar Homes 360 is the complete solution for homeowners who’d like to take a more hands-off approach when it comes to managing their property. It combines property management, maintenance, and home improvement in one annual service that lets you save time and money.

    For zero-hassle maintenance, owners get up to $3,000 maintenance credit for emergency fixes. You also enjoy reliable servicing by Poplar Homes’ Services, our in-house maintenance team. Poplar Homes 360 also includes a Home Warranty to ensure that appliances and home systems are in good working condition.

    Poplar Homes 360 helps you boost your ROI by enabling property upgrades with little to no added expenses. Each year, homeowners can use up to $1,000 in Capital Improvement Credits for home improvement projects.

    REthority states that Poplar Homes is the gold standard for owners who wish to use tech to their advantage—and we believe it’s our truth. Poplar Homes strives to constantly improve the rental experience by providing owners with contactless and streamlined solutions for faster and better returns.

    If you would like to learn more about renting your property with Poplar Homes, you can schedule a free rental property consultation with our San Francisco market specialists.

    Save up to 60% on Property Management in SF