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    Property maintenance and repairs are two of the most stressful and time-consuming activities of managing a rental property business. Not only does doing it yourself require skill and expertise, but arranging, scheduling, and keeping track of these tasks will take most of your free time.  

    Failure to properly maintain a rental property is among the top reasons why renters decide not to renew their lease. Managing maintenance on top of attending to it yourself may increase the risk of missing a request or two which could ultimately lead to unhappy renters. 

    One way to make the job simpler is to leverage the use of Poplar Homes’ property management maintenance software. It keeps track of all repair and maintenance requests so you can easily stay on top of your property’s maintenance.

    Poplar even provides cost estimates and access to service providers to handle all the work for you. Ahead, we will discuss in detail how Poplar Homes’ maintenance dashboard can help you keep your renters happy by improving your efficiency in managing your property’s maintenance.



    How Poplar Homes handles maintenance requests


    Poplar Homes residents each get their own resident portal where they can easily lodge maintenance requests. The Poplar team then prioritizes the issue, estimates the cost, and lists the work order on the owner’s dashboard for your review. 

    All maintenance requests require the owner’s approval except for emergency issues. A request is considered an emergency if it puts the resident and/or the property in danger. Emergency issues are addressed within 24 hours to keep the renter and the property safe.  

    Upon approval, issue resolutions get scheduled with Poplar’sin-house maintenance team or third-party local contractors. Poplar handles everything from coordinating with the service providers and residents to keeping track of maintenance costs. You can also count on being kept in the loop about everything that’s happening to your property through your owner dashboard. 

    Furthermore, Poplar Homes manages billing by accepting invoices from prime service providers and automatically deducting the cost of maintenance from your next payout. There are no additional charges in the event that you decide to work with a third-party contractor. That way, you can make decisions about your property in confidence and never have to worry about the tedious work involved in maintaining your investment. 



    Easy property maintenance with Poplar Homes’ management software


    All maintenance requests and updates in a single tab


    All maintenance requests in one tab


    Managing the maintenance requests of multiple properties as well as keeping track of their progress can quickly get out of hand.  

    Poplar’s property management maintenance software allows you to see maintenance requests for all your properties under one tab. You’ll have immediate access to important details including the type of maintenance needed, current status, and the date of submission. This makes it easy to attend to requests or better yet, have Poplar Homes take care of them for you. 


    Maintenance cost estimate and tracking


    Cost estimate in Poplar dashboard


    Estimating maintenance and repair costs accurately takes knowledge and expertise in that area. You need to know what needs to be repaired, how to repair it, and the cost of every item needed to resolve the issue

    With Poplar’s property management maintenance software, you can rely on a  team of professionals to provide a description of the work involved and create a detailed cost estimate for the repair. Poplar lists all the work orders in your dashboard with their corresponding cost estimates and work descriptions so that you can have full transparency on the service provided. 

    In your dashboard, you’ll also see total expenses paid, bills due, maintenance completion rates, and your CSAT scores for a clear picture of the health of your portfolio. 



    Manage work orders efficiently


    With Poplar’s property management maintenance software, work orders can be easily managed with a few clicks of a button. For common issues which are usually cosmetic or aesthetic in nature, you have the autonomy to decide whether to approve or reject the work order.

    Once you approve a work order, Poplar’s team will schedule maintenance work for your rental with one of our trusted service providers. Depending on the priority level and urgency of the issue, it may take around 24-48 hours for the requests to be handled. 

    When you reject a work order, however, you have the option to fix the issue yourself, request a new estimate, or not fix the issue.

    Do note, however, that not fixing the issue may upset your renter and ultimately affect your customer’s satisfaction. It is at your own discretion which maintenance requests to approve or leave alone provided they don’t affect the safety of your renter and your property. 

    If you decide to fix the issue yourself or hire your own contractor to do the job for you, you may upload invoices as proof of work so that Poplar can still keep track of your maintenance costs accurately for you. 


    Handle maintenance requests on any device


    man using Poplar's Mobile dashboard


    Poplar’s property management software makes it easier for you to check and manage your work orders anytime and anywhere from your mobile phone or any electronic device.

    You’re able to easily manage maintenance requests on your way to work or even when traveling. The Poplar management software is built in a way that you can live your life freely while still being on top of your rental property business.


    Final Thoughts


    There’s a lot of work involved in maintaining a rental property, especially when you own several units. From scheduling requests to keeping track of the costs all the way to doing the maintenance and repairs, all these can be time-consuming and chaotic.  

    But it doesn’t have to be that way. Poplar’s maintenance software allows you to see all the maintenance requests across all your properties under one tab. It even gives you a rundown of the costs involved in a request and tracks every expense, so you always know how your rental business is performing. Best of all, with Poplar’s maintenance software you can attend to requests with a simple click of a button. 

    Leveraging technology in property maintenance can make you more efficient and ultimately give you more time to focus on growing your portfolio. 





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