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    “The best is yet to come and won’t that be fine.” – Frank Sinatra

    At Poplar Homes, we believe we’re on to something big, and the best is yet to come. So I wanted to restate our principles for this future.

    We’re building the largest property management company in the world with all resources distributed in the cloud. Our mission is to develop a suite of software services and talented humans to make the real estate journey as painless and friendly as possible.

    For five years, we built Poplar from a garage to a leader in the tech-enabled rental space. Poplar Homes is the friendly property management company. We aim to create the most seamless, innovative, and efficient approach from listing to lease – and beyond. We take the complicated, tedious, and frankly annoying parts of the rental process and delegate, simplify, and automate. It’s the most friendly experience for all involved.

    Too often renting and property management never yields a positive outcome. People almost always leave the experience dissatisfied or unhappy. We want to change that: if you’re going to live somewhere, why not make the experience feel like dealing with a concierge at a 5-star resort?

    What follows is our 9 commandments of a Friendly Rental, or Frental, experience:

    Friendly-First Policy

    We will always manage your property like it’s our own.

    As property managers, we treat your property like it’s our own investment. That’s why we treat each home with care, from finding the right tenants to taking care of its maintenance needs. We give your property the best care possible while we do everything for you.

    Utter Transparency

    We will always be fully transparent on pricing.

    We’re here to help you grow your investment so we keep things transparent. We collect the leasing fee only once a renter is placed and monthly fees only when your property is occupied. No hidden fees.

    Smoother, Safer, Quicker

    We will constantly add features to help make your renting and management process smoother, safer, and quicker.

    It’s our mission to simplify the rental process and this means finding inventive ways to make your experience more worthwhile. We’re constantly upgrading our services with real-time data and AI to offer easy rental solutions, from high-quality comparative reports to end-to-end support via our chatbot.

    Speed of Response

    We will respond to your inquiries in less than 3 hours.

    We value your time so we close the loop on any inquiries as swiftly as we can. Our team is trained to promptly handle inquiries, whether you’re searching for a home or looking for a property manager.

    Dependable Human Touch

    We will always have a human ready to deal with human issues.

    We keep the deep connection between people and their homes in mind. We make sure our team is there when they’re needed the most. We help renters find the right home and make successful applications. Our support team is ready to answer queries from owners and provide them updates to reassure them their real estate investment is in good hands.

    Cutting-Edge Technology

    We will always leverage the newest technologies like AI and VR to make your experience as high-tech as possible

    Using technology to simplify the tedious rental process is at the heart of what we do. With innovation, what was done in-person can now be done securely online. Renters can conveniently search and apply for a rental with the help of our AI-powered chatbot, and safely take a virtual tour online. Owners’ rentals are marketed at the right rental price, with virtual tours gaining more traction to reduce leasing time.

    Guaranteed Leasing

    We will always uphold a leasing guarantee.

    We keep our promise to make the leasing process fair, efficient, and straightforward for both owners and renters. We uphold our standard to make homes accessible for all renters with no discrimination and to monitor and lease properties efficiently for owners.

    Accessible Homeownership

    We will always give renters the best options for homeownership through our Poplar Street program.

    We want to help renters achieve their dream to own a home. With Poplar Street, they get to invest in a future property while they rent with us by giving back 20% of their rent payment as credit for a future home purchase.

    Maximum Advertising

    We will advertise your property every day to get you renters fast.

    Time is money. To keep you from losing money from vacancy costs, we’ll market your property on over 40 platforms every day to find you renters. We’ll also utilize our network of real estate agents to help us fill in your vacancy fast.



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