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Poplar HomesSan Diego’s white sand beaches and friendly weather attract tourists from all over the globe. But “America’s Finest City” goes beyond touristy activities—San Diego is a promising place to live long-term.

Whether for family or career, the city offers established institutions and promising opportunities. 

San Diego’s average hourly wage of $28.96 is higher than the nationwide average by 13%.  Leading corporations and institutions such as Qualcomm, Scripps Health, and the University of California San Diego are also headquartered in the city. Due to the multitude of employers, vacancies are diverse. Residents pursue careers in healthcare and social assistance, education, finance, construction, scientific and technical services, among others.

San Diego is a popular choice for renters since it is teeming with opportunities. Rent prices are competitive with the average one-bedroom apartment costing $2,174 a month.

Owners and real estate investors might wonder, is $3,000 for a San Diego rental home profitable? How would these properties look like?

What’s on the market

Determining the appropriate rent price is a challenge. Why? Picture this: owners need to check their competitors’ pricing, appraise how much their property is worth, and make sure the estimate pays for the expenses the rental incurred—at the very least.

Poplar Homes’ rent estimate tool, meanwhile, is quick and hassle-free. With just a few clicks, the savvy house rent calculator uses up-to-date market data to help owners set the right price and maximize returns.

Calculated using the Poplar Homes rent estimate tool, a $3,000 San Diego rental property looks like these:

450 J ST – $2,050

San Diego Rental Home


Located in the Gaslamp neighborhood, this unfurnished one-bedroom condo home is smack in the middle of the activity. With its prime location, everything from necessities and revelries is a walk, transit, or bike away.

The unit includes a functional kitchen, an in-unit washer and dryer, central A/C and heating, and a covered car parking for one vehicle. Add a deposit of $500 and the place becomes home for pets, too.

Renters get to use the community pool and jacuzzi, fitness center, and even fire up the grill.

View the 3D Virtual Tour for this property.

8889 Caminito Plaza Centro – $2,225

San Diego Apartment


Named after the bustling University of California San Diego, University City is one of San Diego’s most significant economic centers. Although located up north, University City is a major employment hub, and people from downtown commute here to work.

Instead of commuting, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit in Caminito Plaza Centro presents a friendlier alternative. Renters can bike or walk their way to plentiful job opportunities in the academe, technology, or retail. This rental is not only accessible but it also has amenities for a comfortable lifestyle. 

The rent covers a bright and spacious unit complete with skylights, granite countertops, basic kitchen appliances, a bathtub, and a nice balcony and patio. The tenant also has access to two covered parking slots for the entire duration of their rental term.

Go on a 3D Virtual Tour to learn more about this property.

350 K Street – $2,600

San Diego Rental Listing


For renters who wish to raise outdoorsy kids, this condo located in the Marina neighborhood may be the right fit. 

Apart from its spacious interior, the 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo comes with a well-equipped kitchen, functional bathroom, and heating system. Add a $500 deposit and the unit will also accept pets. For a more active time, tenants can use the communal bar and barbecue area, fitness center, and clubhouse.

They say it takes a village to raise a kid and this rental property is well-situated. From schools, parks, hospitals, supermarkets, and stores—institutions and establishments vital for a family’s happiness and comfort are a stone’s throw away.

View this listing’s 3D Interactive Tour. 

13754 Mango Drive – $2,700

San Diego Rentals


Renters with an adventurous spirit will surely love the seaside community of Del Mar. Located north of San Diego, this quaint village is known for its stretch of lovely beaches, green networks, and stunning destinations.

For those who’d love to constantly commune with nature, renting an apartment such as this one in Mango Drive is a good move. Fit for a starting or growing family, the rental in question has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Inside, the home is already equipped with the necessities: the kitchen includes smooth granite countertops and appliances, the bathroom has a shower and tub, and forced-air heating is also in place. If the tenant comes with a pet, the rental only requires a $500 deposit.

Renters have access to a covered and uncovered carport that can house one vehicle each, plus a communal pool and tub. Social and wellness activities outside the property also await as beaches, parks, and events are just a short ride away. 

Take a closer look with a virtual tour here.

There’s a perfect home for everyone in San Diego. And with Poplar Homes’ ingenious property management services, owners and renters are able to conveniently interact and come to an agreement.

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