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    Renters face many challenges when searching for a home, but house-hunting during a pandemic poses a whole new level of difficulty for them. From viewing houses on different locations in the face of Covid-related restrictions on mobility to encountering potential rental scams, the experience is almost always not without stress. 

    But there are now new developments in the real estate industry that can ease the challenges for renters and give them a painless rental experience. As a forerunner in contactless rental services, Poplar Homes improved the renting process with our tech-enabled model to make it easier and more secure for both homeowners and renters.

    Let’s find out how our technology and product have made Poplar Homes the de facto choice of renters when looking for a home.



    Contactless Rentals


    Looking for a home the conventional way is tedious and time-consuming. It takes an average of three weeks just to select a home, add to that 20 to 40 more days for paperworks before a renter can finally settle in.

    With Poplar Homes’ Contactless rentals, these tedious processes are simplified with less human contact, making it more efficient and safer for renters to find the best home for them in as fast as 24 hours.


    man using virtual reality glasses

    Our Contactless Rentals securely allows renters to:

    • Check multiple listings on our website at their convenience
    • See rental homes from corner to corner via 3D Virtual Tours
    • Make applications online 
    • Submit e-documents for pre-qualification
    • Digitally sign a lease agreement

    With our Contactless Rentals, renters are assured of finding a home and settling in more quickly. As it has become the standard in the rental market at the onset of the pandemic, we continue to adapt swiftly to the changing environment to serve renters better.



    Rental Search and Application Support


    In the initial stages of a home search, renters need to get in touch with homeowners or property managers to ask for further details about a listing they’re interested in. But when responses are too slow, they tend to move to the next listing. A tech support system that they can engage with anytime of the day to answer their questions will help them make the right decisions fast. 

    Poplar’s AI-enabled chatbot, ACE, answers renter queries real-time and guides them on the next steps to further expedite their search. ACE lets them know whether a listing is available or not, gives them listing recommendations, and even helps them schedule a self-tour or guided tour. 

    If a prospect wants to know if they prequalify for a property, they can use a feature in our listings page that will help them determine that in just a few clicks. This is also a great way to help them narrow down their choices.

    If they’re unsure if a listing in other sites is legit, they can use our product Scamlord to help them weed out potential rental scams, thereby protecting themselves and their hard-earned money.


    scamlord banner



    Reliable Tech Solutions


    Our tech solutions in renting do not end when a prospect signs a lease with us. Poplar has 24/7 support to address any concerns renters may have about the property. They can make timely rent payments on their Renter Dashboard and also automate that so they won’t miss any payments. If they have housemates and want to make separate payments, they can easily do that on their dashboard.

    We’ve made handling maintenance issues a breeze. Residents can simply submit all the maintenance details on their dashboard and expect a faster response from our in-house maintenance, Poplar Home Services Team, or from our pool of professional maintenance service providers.


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    Poplar StreetCred 


    One more reason for renters to love Poplar Homes is StreetCred, our unique product that helps them achieve their dream of owning a home. Poplar residents earn credits equivalent to 20% of their monthly rent that they can use for a future home purchase.
    As soon as Poplar residents are ready to make a purchase, they simply assign Poplar as their buyer agent and use the credits they earned to pay off fees associated with homebuying.





    With over seven years of experience in property management, we’ve collected a large amount of data that we use to study and understand the pain points and behavior of our customers. From that information, we are able to create the best tech solutions, allowing us to introduce new product features that make our processes fast, secure, and more efficient for both renters and homeowners.

    We continue to evolve and come up with solutions that matter most to renters, enabling us to live up to our promise of ‘’rent easy’’ to our 2,200 customers in 10 major markets in the US.


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