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    We asked you to share with us your insights and experience with our product, and thanks to your honest feedback we’re able to improve the Poplar platform to serve renters better.

    Our Engineering Team worked earnestly to come up with new product updates designed to help you rent and live easy. Here are the cool new upgrades to your Renter Dashboard that will make your rental experience a breeze.



    Easily Book a Tour Using Your Phone


    Finding it difficult to schedule a home tour? Now it’s easier for you to book a tour anytime you want with our flexible on-demand Poplar Home Tours featuring Self-Tours, Virtual Tours, and Guided Tours.

    Poplar Self-Tours, which enables you to view homes through a self-service lockbox, now has a more seamless process. We integrated industry-leading software and developed a more secure ID verification process. When you book a self-tour, you’ll be asked to safely and securely upload a photo ID and selfie into your Poplar dashboard.


    renter booking a self tour using iphone


    Once verified, you can generate a code from your dashboard that you can use to access the property and view it at your convenience. After completing the tour, upload photos of the property so we know you left it in good condition.

    Poplar Guided Tours, where you view a home with the guide of one of our local Fielders, now has a feature called Tour Assistant. It is a new product that allows you to view on the dashboard your showing status and the real-time location of your assigned Fielder. No more guesswork since all your tour information can be accessed from your mobile device. 

    Whether you choose a Self-Tour or Guided Tour, your feedback is important to us. Now sending your feedback is as easy as dropping it on your Renter Dashboard. Just click on the feedback button found right next to the listed property and that will allow us to respond to your questions or concerns immediately


    renter checking performance of property using ipad



    Check if you Pre-qualify to Rent a Poplar Home


    Want to know if you pre-qualify for a home you like? Introducing our Prequalification Calculator. At the bottom right corner of the property listing page, look for the drop down menu that says Find out if you’re prequalified. Indicate if you’re renting as an individual or a group and provide your credit score and monthly income. It will let you know in a few seconds if you meet the credit and income requirements. 

    You’ll also be given options on what to do to pre-qualify for a home, such as getting a co-signer, paying a higher deposit, or having a landlord reference. This will help you take the right steps and actions to qualify for a home.


    man checking listing using laptop



    Receive a Summary of your Move-In Cost


    Want to know the move-in cost ahead of time? Let us save you the time and effort of calling our leasing agent to inquire about your move-in cost. We’re further improving your Renter Dashboard so you can view the move-in cost summary from there.

    This will give you an idea of how much cash to prepare before signing a lease since the move-in cost has to be settled within 24 hours after lease signing. Join thousands of subscribers to our newsletter so you’ll be notified when this feature is launched.


    Add Maintenance Request Details Online


    We know how inconvenient it is to deal with maintenance issues, so we fine-tuned your Renter Dashboard to allow faster handling of your maintenance requests. Now it’s easier for you to submit your request, identify the maintenance issue category, and add all the details on your dashboard. 

    Our maintenance service providers will quickly see all these information on their Vendor Portal.  It cuts back the time you spend on phone calls or emails to discuss the maintenance details, allowing you more time to do important tasks or be with family.


    woman adding maintenance details using iphone



    Get Notified of your Scheduled Maintenance


    Getting swamped with work sometimes makes you forget scheduled maintenance visits. To ensure that you and your service provider are both on track, we’ll send both of you email reminders a day before the scheduled maintenance visit. This will help you prepare or plan your day in the event that you need to stay out of the house during maintenance servicing.





    We believe that experience is everything so we pay attention to small details that matter to you. These updates are designed to make your experience on our platform as smooth, efficient, and pain-free as possible.

    Search and lease a place with confidence and ease. Sign up as a renter and find a Poplar Home today.



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