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    This blog was recently updated on Jun 7, 2023. 

    Renting a home has historically been a tedious process, fraught with paperwork and time-consuming tasks. Poplar Homes understands these challenges, which led us to develop a solution that alleviates the stress of traditional renting. 

    Our Renter Dashboard allows you to do all the things you need in one seamless platform from creating a renter profile and scheduling tours to requesting maintenance and paying bills. 

    Let’s take a closer look at how you can leverage our Renter Dashboard for a seamless rental experience. 



    Update your resident profile


    The cornerstone of our system is a comprehensive resident profile. By completing your profile—which includes personal information, credit details, and necessary documents to verify identity and employment status—you’re arming yourself with a key tool in the rental process.

    Renter Dashboard profile tab


    This one-time process ensures that the information necessary to apply for homes is readily available and securely stored. Gone are the days of scrambling to find the right document or figure out your credit score. With a completed profile on Poplar Homes, you’re always ready to seize rental opportunities.



    Organize and track your Home Tours


    Searching for a home has never been easier. With Poplar Homes, you can search properties in different locations, compare prices of similar properties, and even schedule tours. Once scheduled, your Renter Dashboard gives you control over your home tours. You can cancel, reschedule, or apply in one click. For added convenience, the dashboard provides a tour assistant feature, showing you a map of the rental home’s address.

    Renter Dashboard Rentals tab


    The advantage of having all your scheduled tours in one place cannot be overstated. It offers a level of organization and ease that eliminates the usual stresses of house hunting and keeping track of your scheduled tours. 



    Apply for homes smoothly


    Once you’ve found a home that you’re interested in on Poplar’s listing page, the application process is just a click away. Poplar-qualified residents automatically get sent for approval. For those who are new to Poplar, you’ll be asked to complete your personal details and the qualification requirements. 

    Poplar Homes listing page

    You can apply to three properties at any given time and track the status of your applications within your dashboard. This level of streamlined process eliminates the hassle of sending applications to different people and manually keeping track of their status, making the entire process efficient and smooth.



    Request maintenance and pay rent conveniently


    As a Poplar resident, requesting maintenance is as simple as describing the issue and submitting a photo through your dashboard. Our maintenance team classifies the issues based on urgency and handles them accordingly. In case of minor issues that can be addressed remotely, our 24/7 maintenance support is also available through the dashboard.

    Paying rent is equally straightforward. You can make payments and set up auto payments directly through your dashboard, ensuring you never miss a payment. If you’re sharing with a roommate, you can set up split payments eliminating the hassle of collecting your roommate’s share each month. 



    Stay Tuned for Improvements


    We, at Poplar Homes, are committed to providing the best rental experience possible, and to that end, we’re always innovating and brainstorming ideas to stay ahead of the curve. We’ll continue to update existing features and come up with new ones to deliver intuitive products to our residents.




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