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    At Poplar Homes, we believe that every renter deserves to find the right home with ease. 

    That’s why we’re leveraging technology to come up with products that make your rental experience as simple and friendly as possible.

    Our renters have told us what’s important for their home search, and we’ve listened! Our team put in a lot of work to improve the Renter Dashboard experience so renters like you can find a home easier. 

    Looking for a new home doesn’t have to be a grueling process of manually comparing dozens of properties online. The new Poplar Homes Renter Dashboard provides all the information you need in one place — from your inquiries, upcoming home tours, and applications to recommended homes for you.

    Let’s take a look at how you can use the improved Renter Dashboard to its full potential and why it’s the best way to look for houses for rent.

    Easy access to all your inquiries

    To simplify your search, we redesigned the Renter Dashboard so you can see all your inquiries from our partner listing sites in one view. When you submit an inquiry about Poplar Homes homes on Zillow, Apartments, Trulia, and other listing sites we’re on, they’ll be organized on your dashboard for your convenience. 























    With all your inquiries organized, you can compare prices and check out all the relevant property details like a number of beds and baths. Clicking the property card also takes you to its listing page where you can view the property’s 3D Virtual tour, features, and amenities. 

    Track your home tours

    Viewing properties is an integral part of looking for homes to rent. The updated Renter Dashboard comes with tabs that organize your upcoming, successful, and canceled home tours.

























    This informs you on your upcoming home tours, help you check your successful home tours, and reschedule showings that you have canceled. Now you won’t lose sight of the tours you’ve scheduled and you can just conveniently reschedule in case something comes up. 




    Apply for properties you’re interested in 

    To help speed up your rental search, you can directly apply for the homes you’re eyeing on your Renter Dashboard. With an overview of all your choices, you can make the best decision on which property to apply to. This upgrade is key to making the process of inquiring and applying hassle-free.

    Get handpicked recommendations for you

    Our team believes that the more quality property options there are, the better choices you’ll make. Not only does the Renter Dashboard give you easy access to your inquiries. It also provides you with recommendations based on your preferences like the number of beds, baths, and price range. We made the property details accessible so you can go through each one, and when you find a home that meets your preferences, you can immediately schedule a tour.










    Stay tuned for more improvements

    Living easy starts with searching for a home and we believe that the best way to do that is with the all-in-one Renter Dashboard. The Poplar Homes team is always brainstorming new solutions to deliver intuitive products for our renters. We’re eager to continue updating the Renter Dashboard so it can be your go-to for renting smarter. 



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