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    Poplar Homes, a pioneering force in tech-enabled property management, is renowned for continuously pushing the boundaries in service delivery to make property management hassle-free. 

    While our previous advancements primarily catered to Owners, assisting them in managing their properties easily and efficiently, we realized the pressing need to create solutions that benefit our Residents equally. 

    Today, we’re happy to introduce Poplar Homes’ Autopay feature—a much-awaited addition to the options our Residents have to make rent and other payments.



    Why Poplar Homes launched Autopay


    We launched the Autopay feature to streamline the payment process and alleviate the challenges previously encountered with what was formerly known as Scheduled Payments.

    Previously, Residents renting as a group had to log in individually to set up their rent payment, making it prone to mistakes. Additionally, the previous version of the feature limited users to only set up payments for recurring charges. Fluctuating charges, such as utilities and repairs, had to be paid separately, potentially causing Residents stress from tracking and paying bills manually each month. 

    To overcome these challenges, we’ve improved the Poplar Resident Dashboard experience with a more effective feature called Autopay. This system offers peace of mind by allowing residents to easily manage multiple payments, from rent and utilities to repair expenses, that are due for the month. By setting up recurring payments for your full balance, residents can now relax knowing their payments are processed accurately and on time, every time, eliminating the need to keep track of multiple bills or make separate payments for each expense every month.

    If you live with other Residents in a Poplar home, you have the flexibility to split payments equally among your co-residents or assign specific percentages for each person. Furthermore, it empowers Residents to select who will be responsible for making payments. With the launch of Autopay, Poplar Homes continues to simplify and enhance the rental experience for all Residents.



    How Autopay works


    With Autopay enabled, your payments are automatically deducted from your linked bank account on the first day of each month, ensuring your payments are always on time.


    Here’s how Autopay works:

    Autopay Setup


    1. Set up Autopay: First, you need to enable Autopay on your account. This usually involves going to the Payments section of your account dashboard and selecting the option ‘Setup Autopay.’
    2. Link your bank account: For Autopay to function, you must link a bank account from which payments will be drawn. You’ll be prompted to enter your bank account details during setup.
    3. Decide how to split payments (for groups): If you rent a home with other Residents, you have the option to split payments equally among your co-residents or assign a specific percentage to each person. The total percentage should add up to 100%.
    4. Enjoy automated payments: With everything set, your rent and any other recurring charges due for the current month will automatically be paid through your bank account each month. This means you won’t have to worry about forgetting to pay your rent or incurring late fees.
    5. Manage your Autopay settings: You can view, update, or disable your Autopay setup at any time through the Payments section of your account dashboard.


    It’s important to note that for Autopay to proceed, all paying Residents must have their bank accounts linked. If not, Autopay will not be processed, and Resident(s) will need to pay manually through ‘Pay Now.’

    To learn more about setting up your Autopay, visit our help section. It includes a step-by-step guide to setting it up as well as enabling and disabling the feature. 



    What’s in it for Residents and Owners?


    Our new Autopay system offers significant benefits, not only for Residents but also for Owners.


    For Residents

    Residents can now look forward to a much simpler payment process. With Autopay, you’re no longer juggling multiple payments or tracking different deadlines. Instead, you can set up recurring payments for your full balance. Your rent, utilities, and other charges will be processed automatically.

    Beyond simplification, Autopay also provides peace of mind by ensuring timely payments. This feature eliminates the worry of incurring late fees. If you’re renting as part of a group, Autopay goes a step further, allowing you to flexibly split the rent and other charges either equally among co-residents or by assigning specific percentages to each person. The power to designate who’s responsible for making payments also resides with you. 


    For Property Owners

    While Autopay primarily benefits Residents, Owners stand to benefit from the introduction of Autopay as well. The automated system facilitates a seamless rent collection process, ensuring you receive timely, consistent payments each month. Autopay significantly reduces the risk of late payments, giving you a steady and reliable cash flow.

    Additionally, Autopay takes the hassle out of tracking rent payments and other charges. All payments processed through this system can be efficiently monitored, reducing the administrative burdens that often come with property management.

    Most importantly, the smooth and efficient payment process enabled by Autopay can significantly enhance Resident satisfaction. This could lead to longer tenancies and reduced turnover, contributing to the overall success of your rental business.


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    Final Thoughts


    Autopay is not only beneficial, but it is also a win-win solution for both Residents and Owners. It streamlines the payment process, ensures timely payments, and creates a more stress-free rental experience.




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