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    There’s an exciting new change for our company—we’re now Poplar Homes! 

    We started in 2014 on a quiet residential street in Santa Clara, California. That was Poplar Street.

    We were a team of three, working out of a garage, and wanted a company name that reflected the solution we built for our own housing problems. We chose Onerent—one platform for all things renting. We kept the name even after shifting to full-service property management in 2015.

    As time went on, some were confused by our .co domain and whether it was ‘OneRent’ or ‘Onerent’.

    We changed our name to Poplar Homes to mark a pivotal point in our journey, in line with developments in the real estate industry.



    Why Poplar Homes?


    Poplar Homes stands tall and strong with deep roots, all the way back to our first office. Nearly every community in America has a Poplar Street or avenue. Poplar is also a tree whose wood is widely used in homebuilding and furniture. Poplar Homes reflects our journey and mission to serve all communities in America, and eventually around the world.

    We’re still offering the full suite of property management services; the rebrand won’t impact how we work with you, our customers. But springing from Onerent’s strong foundation, Poplar Homes best represents who we are today.



    We’ve grown beyond just being ‘one place to rent’


    We now have 3,000 residents earning credit towards their future home purchase through our Poplar Street program (now called StreetCred) launched in 2018, collectively saving over $5 million in eligible cash back rebates.

    We have 7 major metro markets, each with an in-house Home Services division servicing our homes. Our maintenance team will soon cross over 20,000 tickets resolved. Next month, we’ll process 5x more rent than we did in our first year.

    We’ve helped owners sell homes to their residents or other owners in our portfolio. We’ve given residents an average rebate of $8,000 after buying a home and saved sellers thousands on commissions.

    Today, we’re humbled to manage over 1,600 homes across 4 states.



    We’re renewing our commitment to customers


    Our vision is to be a lifetime partner of homeowners and residents throughout their real estate journey. We’ll do this by improving our property management services and building on top of that strong foundation.

    We’ve combined cutting-edge technology, field-tested logistics, and the brightest minds in the industry to bring new life to the rental market. So far we’ve launched:

    • A robust property marketing engine that gets owners 2-3x more renter leads.
    • A self-tour lockbox system that lets people view our listings any day, any time.
    • The fastest rent payouts in the industry. With guaranteed rent to owners.
    • Anti-fraud tools to fight scam listings and protect renters and homeowners.
    • One-tap applications for renters.
    • Free and automated tenant screening.
    • Automated maintenance troubleshooting system.
    • Owner and resident dashboards.
    • And more…

    We’ve collected a tremendous amount of data that helps us improve these systems. The inner workings of the rental process are a careful combination of human operations and technology automation.

    We believe this integrated tech + operations model is the future of real estate renting and ownership, allowing people to invest and manage real estate anywhere. Its technology makes renting, buying, and selling a home as easy as buying a book off of Amazon.



    How Poplar Homes Stands Out


    Many new players have joined the tech-enabled property management space. We welcome this because it means there are more smart people working to solve housing. Poplar Homes stands out as the first to offer rent and eviction guarantees that others have adopted as well. We also stand out because our model engages local employees without our customers paying for local offices.

    To us, innovation means using technology+operations to relieve the stress associated with housing. We make sure we get the human part right before layering in technology. We figured out how to digitize properties with 3d imaging done by our local Fielders, using that to make maintenance and inspections more effective.

    We’ll carry forward this innovation to revolutionize real estate and deliver unbeatable value and freedom to all homeowners and residents.

    We’re still starting our journey and know there is much we must improve on. But we’re filled with excited energy for the road ahead. To our customers, our residents, and employees—we’re blessed with your support and we look forward to a strong future together, as Poplar Homes