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    As one of Asia’s economic tigers, Singapore continues to thrive as a global financial hub. Its economy, policy, education system, and quality of life not only benefit its natives but also over a million expatriates who call it home. 

    But why do expats flock to Singapore? Whether it’s looking for greener pastures, a desire for new cultural experiences, or a company-initiated move, expats find this island city-state still the best place for them to work and live.

    Best Quality of Life

    Singapore is often cited as the nation with the best quality of life in Asia. Its stable political climate, cleanliness campaigns, universal healthcare, world-class education system, and advanced infrastructure make living in the city-state pleasant and rewarding for both residents and expats.

    Singapore’s medical facilities are globally regarded as one of the most advanced and efficient. The country is also one of the world’s cleanest and most hygienic because the nation strictly implements its cleanliness policies. 

    Many praise the national government’s pragmatic and proactive approach. Good governance powers ordinances and strategies for the betterment of residents and migrants. 

    Singapore’s education system is superior. In an international study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 15-year old students demonstrated strong aptitude in reading, mathematics, and science. The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) also noted that schools in Singapore teach practicality. The students learn useful skills that will help them navigate the real world.

    And of course, Singapore has the world’s fastest Internet connection. This accessibility helps the economy prosper and its sectors improve and innovate. For residents and expats, they connect with loved ones and enjoy online activities with ease.

    Highly Accessible

    You’ll know Singapore is in a different league the minute you land: the island’s Changi Airport is a tourist attraction on its own. Aside from the jaw-dropping design and amenities, critics and travelers laud the airport’s efficiency and customer-centric approach.

    But the real deal lies in the streets of Singapore. The country uses a public Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) system which is an under-and-above-ground network of trains. Commuters also have the option to use the bus network or hail round-the-clock-taxis. The entire transportation system is easy and safe that even tourists or first-time travelers will have no trouble commuting.

    But that’s not all. In recent years, urban developers improved mobility by blending commercial, residential, and other developments in one location. These mixed-use developments are walkable and bikeable to ensure that everything you may want or need is within easy reach.

    Safe and Expat-Friendly

    Singapore’s notably low crime rate is one aspect that makes it a safe and friendly place for expats. The island nation’s “Shared Values” emphasizes communal and racial harmony. The national government also prioritizes the security and personal safety of foreign workers.

    Meeting fellow expats is quick and easy. Online, you can join support groups or chat rooms. Offline, sign up for leisure clubs and other activities to widen your social circle. With over a million expat population in Singapore, you’re also bound to bump into one sooner or later.

    There’s also no pressure to learn a whole new language. In Singapore, residents and foreigners use English to communicate and transact. Sure, locals use Singlish but this is something you don’t have to learn—you’ll pick up the Singaporean slang in no time.

    Prosperous Economy

    Foreign talent choose Singapore because of its reputation as a wealthy city-state. It has a thriving economy thanks to the national government’s efforts to strengthen free trade, reinforce sound financial and economic policies, and support the tech sector which is the country’s ticket to international investments.

    Singapore’s robust economy opened more doors to foreigners looking for jobs. Expats can find work in a variety of industries such as education, finance, healthcare, media, and tech, among others.

    Singapore’s speedy internet also comes in handy especially now that “work-from-anywhere’’ is the new norm. The flexibility of telework powered by fast connectivity makes the work-life integration seamless.     

    Employees are more productive now that they can move back and forth work and personal tasks. Internet access also allows people to conveniently transact or do mundane errands online like bills payment and food orders. Workers are becoming efficient multitaskers which allows them to free up more time.

    And what can they do with that time? Explore Singapore, of course!

    The Fun Never Stops

    One can always tour the country’s historic landmarks like museums and the famed Merlion, or commune with nature in the parks or the favorite Botanic garden. Shopping is never boring in Singapore with its many shopping centers such as the swanky Orchard Road, a tree-lined boulevard flanked by malls and hotels. 

    Singapore’s iconic landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands have captured the wonder of people around the globe. Equally sharing that reputation are Singapore’s culinary destinations called hawker centers where locals and expats alike go for a wide variety of affordable and tasty local foods influenced by its diverse culture.

    Live Big in Singapore

    There’s a reason why plenty claim the expat life in Singapore is the best in the world. The country’s flourishing economy, modern infrastructure, diverse culture and cuisine, and vibrant lifestyle seamlessly come together to give expats a perfect live-and-work balance. In Singapore, you can live an amazing life.

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