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    With a population north of 800,000, San Francisco remains one of the most populous cities in California. History seems to repeat itself when it comes to the population boom. In the 1840s, it was the Gold Rush. In the present time, job opportunities mostly offered by tech startups brought forth a massive influx of people.

    Apart from working professionals, students and families move for quality education. San Francisco is home to top-performing public and private learning institutions. From elementary schools, high schools, and reputable universities such as the University of San Francisco and Stanford University—the city is consistently hailed as one of the most educated metros in the country.

    San Francisco also witnessed countless landmark events in history. Before it became the tech haven that it is now, the Bay Area became the center of counterculture led by hippies and revolutionaries. It’s also one of the first that supported and welcomed the LGBTQ community. From the first Pride March to the first openly gay elected official, it’s no wonder why San Francisco is fondly called the world’s gay mecca.

    San Francisco’s all for playing hard, too. The city is a tourist and foodie destination in its own right. Its warm-summer Mediterranean climate means one can look forward to exploring picturesque beaches, vistas, and tourist attractions all year round

    If you’re a renter, the best areas to live in San Francisco would be those that are near to necessities and opportunities. 

    Granted, the whole city is being master-planned for optimal livability. But if you want to kickstart your career, looking for apartments for rent in the overlapping and central neighborhoods of South of Market (SoMa), Mission Bay, Financial District (FiDi), or the Mission District would be your best bet. 

    First, SoMa. This aptly named neighborhood is located south of Market Street which is the city’s major thoroughfare. What used to be a bustling industrial district, SoMa is now a thriving tech neighborhood. Homes for rent are either a condo, a converted warehouse, or even a fancy Victorian-style abode. 

    FiDi, also aptly named, is the central business district and is home to Fortune 500 companies, reputable law firms, and other financial institutions. Characterized by high-rise developments and a live-work-play attitude, FiDi is walkable, bikeable, and convenient. 

    If your someone who prefers to surround yourself with rich cultural experiences, living in the Mission District might work well for you. In Mission, you can find a variety of rental properties from apartments to single-family homes. 

    And lastly, Mission Bay. This usually laidback waterfront neighborhood becomes the center of the action as it’s home to multiple green spaces and major sporting amphitheaters. Rentals are mostly vertical developments such as condos and apartments.


    Tips to Find an Affordable Rental Home in San Francisco

    Tips to Find an Affordable Rental Home in San Francisco

    With so much to offer, it’s no secret that the city’s rental prices are one of the most expensive. The average rent price in San Francisco is at $2,650 to $3,595 for 1 bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments respectively.

    Still, there are some things you can do to make renting a home in San Francisco your reality—without sacrificing the quality of life that you deserve:


    Widen your search

    Rental homes outside of downtown are more affordable so you have the leeway to choose what fits your lifestyle best. At Poplar Homes, you can widen your search with ease. Find Properties that match your budget with Ace, our rental chatbot. 


    Consider commuting

    As a renter, one of your top concerns would no doubt be how to get around in San Francisco. The good news is that the city’s public transport is efficient and convenient. You can choose to rent a more affordable home in the suburbs and commute to work. 

    If commuting won’t work for you, the four neighborhoods mentioned earlier are very accessible. If you opt to rent there, you can save up by walking or biking your way to work or play. 


    Know your deal breakers 

    Speaking of lifestyle, make sure you know your deal-breakers. These no-gos can help you decide which listing works best for you. How small is small? Do you have a pet with you? What establishments should be a stone’s throw away from your place?

    With Poplar Homes’ detailed listings, you can check all these from the comfort of your home. You can view a rental property’s photos and a detailed floor plan. You can even go on a 3D Virtual Tour of the listing to get a feel of the place.


    Get a roommate 

    Splitting the cost of rent and utilities with a roommate or two is one way to afford a San Francisco rental home. Apart from the rent, you can even share items like groceries and cleaning products if you wish. 

    For transparency and ease, you can invite more members and organize your renter group via the Poplar Homes Renter Dashboard.


    Be on the lookout for special offers and discounts

    Coupons and vouchers are lifesavers when you shop, how much more if these discounts applied to a rental home? 

    If you’re searching for properties at Poplar Homes, be sure to check out the listings that offer move-in discounts and rebates. We even list properties where you get a month or two of free rent—all you have to do is apply and get qualified to avail of it.

    Of course, affordability is subjective. What’s friendly for locals might be through the roof for you. Before moving to San Francisco, it’s a given that your rental journey begins by doing your homework and planning according to your needs, wants, and budget.

    Your rental experience need not be tedious with our complete and contactless services. With Ace, you can narrow or widen your search to view properties that fit your budget and needs. The chatbot also facilitates inquiries, bookings, and applications so you get all the details you need conveniently. 

    Poplar Homes’ end-to-end services allow you to get a head start on your search for your new San Francisco address.

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