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        Take the guesswork out of rental pricing with
        an accurate, data-driven Poplar rent estimate.

        Am I pricing my property correctly?

        Ditch the guesswork of assessing rental value. Go for a free and data-driven analysis of how much you should price your property.

        With Poplar Homes free rent estimate report, you can access AI calculated price range based on listings with the same attributes as yours.

        When do I increase or decrease the rental price?

        Stay updated with rental trends to learn how your vacancy stacks up in your market. With this, you can make informed decisions as new properties are listed, and as there are constant dynamic rental changes.

        Poplar Homes free rent estimate report also includes key information about trends and comparable in your market.

        How can I secure and increase the return from my rental investment?

        Reduce vacancy cost and earn 2x more from your rental. With our pricing strategy, your property can draw qualified renters once it hits the market.

        Get high-quality tenants with the right rent. Setting a competitive price leases your property fast, turning it into a money-maker.

        Avoid the pitfall of risking your profitability with the comprehensive and customized rent estimate, designed to provide strategic rent price based on the market’s rental value.

        Charging too little?

        Get the most out of your rental today! Set the best rental price based on the performance of similar properties in your market.

        Charging too much?

        Attract high-quality renters by setting the right rent. The sooner you find a renter, the faster you start making a profit.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        1. How does Poplar Homes determine the asking rent for a listing?

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        When you first list your rental with Poplar Homes, we will provide you with a detailed Rent Estimate Report. Our Rent Estimate Report provides just a recommended range for where to list your property but ultimately, the decision is yours for how much you’d like to list your property for.

        You can select a specific amount you’d like to rent your property for within one of the provided ranges.

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        2. What is a Poplar Homes rent estimate?

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        The Poplar Homes rent estimate is a free report that gives a detailed analysis of your home’s market value. It includes an estimated monthly rent price calculated with our proprietary algorithm, a rental sales comparison of similar nearby homes, and rent trends in your area.

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        3. What makes the Poplar Homes estimate different?

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        Most rent estimate generators will simply find the median price of properties similar to yours within your area.

        We go beyond the basic comparable listings report. We use actual rent prices and leasing numbers from similar properties nearby.

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        4. I think my rent estimate is too low or too high. Can I change my rent?

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        Of course! Your rent estimate simply serves as your guide to pricing your property.

        Your estimated rent price relies on factors like your home’s characteristics (e.g., the number of beds and baths), rent prices for similar properties, and rental trends in your area.

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        5. How long does it take to find a tenant?

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        Once showings start, it typically takes six showings until someone successfully applies and rents a Poplar Homes property. Our owners usually fill their vacancies within 3-4 weeks from the first showing. This is half the industry standard of 6-8 weeks.

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        6. How much are management services with Poplar Homes?

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        Poplar Homes offers three service tiers: Poplar Homes Leasing, Poplar Standard, and Poplar 360. Our pricing varies depending on your location and desired service. We only charge the leasing fee once a renter is placed, and monthly payments are only charged with an occupied rental.

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