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Life at Poplar Homes

Work smarter, not harder. Sounds cliché, but that’s how we do it. It’s why you’ll rarely see us follow a regular 9-5 workday. Set-in-stone schedules? Clock-in/clock-out policies? Nope. We don’t do those.

How about holidays? We don’t set vacation schedules, so you can take off anytime. Take care of your family or yourself. Your mind and body needs a break.

Can you work anywhere? Yes, you can do hybrid work. Enjoy 2 work-from-home days every week and 4 “work from anywhere” weeks per year. It’s easier to achieve your travel goals this way. We know you got places to be!

We want you to live your true potential. That’s why we strive for a flexibility everyone can really enjoy. That’s how we do it at Poplar!

What we value

If you’re a driven and passionate self-starter, we want you. Poplar is a place where you can live your true potential.

What we value

Experimenting is more important than being stuck on a plan.

Fail fast. Fail cheap.
We recover from failure instead of avoiding it.

We care about our team

You and your family come first. We’ll make sure you’ll get the employment benefits you deserve.
Unlimited Paid Leaves & Flexible Hours

Take some time off. Work anytime, as long as you complete your shift.

Mental Health
Get counseling when things get rough. Up to 20,000.00 coverage.
HMO Coverage
Receive dental, free online checkups, in-patient care, & more.
Group Life Insurance
Stay secured as you work anywhere. Up to 200,000.00 coverage.
Wellness Programs
Stay fit through our free monthly wellness talks & self-care activities.

Show us how your mind works

How we hire go-getters

We only want the best to join Poplar and truly live their potential.

Step 1

Apply online

Choose a role that best fits your skill set through this link.

Step 2

Initial Interview

Through this, we can gauge how well you suit the role.

Step 3

Technical Exam

Showcase your knowledge & skillset through an exam.

Step 4

Final interview

After passing the exam, we’ll find out if you’re a great match for the team.

How we do hybrid

Work full time anywhere—from your home, a co-working space, our office, or a combination of all.

We are driven by go-getters