Poplar Homes Review and Case Studies


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Key Takeaways:

  • Poplar Homes (formerly Onerent) rental application fees are free for all prospective renters
  • International renters can still apply for a Poplar Home while lacking a credit score. Be sure to have documentation of sufficient income.
  • While house-hunting out of the area or country, browse for high-quality property photos and a seamless application process.







Lisa and Magnus Robertsson have recently decided to pack their bags and move to Mountain View, CA to work at their San Francisco-based startup. Along with their two boys, Lisa and Magnus have lived in Sweden for several years while working remotely. The couple dives deeper in their Poplar Homes review.




The Robertssons have heard renting a property in the States can be difficult especially for international renters. Internationals do not have a credit score, lack any domestic references for a rental application, and are generally not as likely to find housing due to the competitive housing market.

A few main factors Lisa and Magnus considered for their perfect rental home were being as close to the city as possible while living in a neighborhood with great schools. Having these specific living requirements with their international background made the rental process demanding.


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During their house-hunting, Lisa and Magnus often hunted for homes without viewing the property in person. This resulted in the two relying on high-quality property photos, reviews, and a seamless application process to evoke trust.





One of the largest burdens of renting internationally is submitting paperwork abroad. To find their perfect rental home, the Robertssons used Poplar Homes Property Management to schedule a showing, submit an application for free, sign an online lease, and move in on their own schedule. Through their online renter dashboard, Lisa and Magnus were able to submit their first month’s rent, security deposit, and sign their lease online while they were in Sweden. 



“The [Poplar Homes] application was free which I like. I’ve heard others pay $50 or $70 just to send in the application.”

– Lisa Robertsson


Even though Lisa and Magnus had minimal credit in the United States, Poplar Homes understood their current rental situation and approved the couple’s company’s offer to subsidize their monthly rent. The two were surprised to see how flexible Poplar Homes was in working with international renters. Their friends who have rented property from a traditional manager have not had this smooth and flexible process.

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