So you’ve finally found a qualified renter. You’re happily sitting back while they are bringing in the rent checks month after month, until one day they start requesting repairs. Let’s take a look at what you need to do legally before entering your rental home and conducting property maintenance.



If you’ve missed our previous video talking about the showings phase, I recommend watching it first before this video. To refresh your mind, the rental cycle can be broken up into 3 main parts: showing, occupancy, and turnover phase. Let’s talk about occupancy.

Let’s there’s a plumbing leak for the property you’re self-managing. What’s the proper way to enter the home without having your tenants freak out or sue? What notices do you need? This is what our Poplar Homes Property Management specialists recommend:

You should start by looking at what is in writing on the lease. It should will tell you how much notice is required. In the state of California, you’ll need to give your tenants at least a 24 hour notice of entry for your tenants. On the notice, you’ll need to:

  • Address all the tenants on the lease
  • Give the reason to when and why you’re entering the premises
  • State who you are
  • State the location of where the notice was served
  • Mark the date the notice was served
  • Who the notice was served by
  • And how the notice is served

After you properly served a notice to your tenants, you and your handyman can legally enter the property for repairs and inspections. This was quite a long list, but it’s crucial to follow every detail of the procedure to avoid breaking any of the laws.

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