This holiday season Fred Glick is giving you the gift of savings with 3 ways to save money on your energy bill.


Turn Down Your Thermostat

When you’re away on vacation this holiday season, turn your thermostat down to save money on your heating bill. Going away for the holidays? Remember to shut off the gas, turn off the internet, unplug everything because even if something is not on, if it is plugged in, it draws electricity. Be careful not to go below 55 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent your pipes from freezing.


Lower Your Water Heater Temperature

You should set your water heater to 120 degrees fahrenheit. Most water heaters tend to be set at around 130 degrees Fahrenheit. 140 is dangerously high and not recommended. At upwards of 140 degrees, you are wasting up to $400 annually according to Dialing the temperature back to 120 degrees is enough to be used safely used and slow mineral buildup in the water tank.


Upgrade Your Attic Insulation

Silicon Valley real estate agent and Poplar Homes Real Estate Partner, Rick Trevino, recommends an attic insulation upgrade to retain more heat and improve the home resale value. Attic insulation with fiberglass has an average job cost of $1,268 in the US. This type of upgrade adds an average of $1,482 to a home’s resale value. That’s an ROI of 15% nationwide! Fortunately in the City of San Jose, the average resale value is $2,093 for an attic upgrade.

At the same time the new insulation lowering your monthly heating bill. If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, upgrading your attic can generate a nice return.

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