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Poplar Homes offers a variety of exit options with potential for growth.
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Pursue your next venture
Looking to move on? Leverage the work that you've done to make it happen. We can help you cash out so that you can focus on your next big thing.
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Focus on what you love
Get the flexibility of how involved you wish to be, whether it's giving you the headspace to focus on your passions, or allowing you to step back altogether.
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Grow your impact
Let's grow and change the property management industry together. Join us in leading the industry with our cutting-edge technology and nationwide spread.

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At this time, we can only offer valuation to companies that manage 150+ properties.
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How it works

Poplar's initial screening, icon
Step 1:
Initial screening

We learn about your business through a Q&A that covers topics such as operations, finance, and legal. This helps us determine if your company is an operational fit for Poplar.

Poplar's valuation, icon
Step 2:

We review your financials and let you know what the business is worth and the type of offer you can expect from us. Your financials are 100% confidential through a mutually agreed NDA.

Poplar's letter of intent, icon
Step 3:
Letter of intent

If we accept your business, we'll extend you an LOI which outlines what you will get paid. We welcome your attorney to review this. We have worked hard to make the LOI seller-friendly.

Poplar's due diligence, icon
Step 4:
Due diligence

You will be given an exclusive period to provide tax returns, bank statements, and other files to verify that the business is as claimed. Our team will then review all your documents.

Poplar's contract and signing, icon
Step 5:
Contract & Signing

Our team will draft the purchase agreement. After you and your attorney review the contract comes the fun part! We sign everything, and our third party escrow holds the cash until your business assets are transferred. Then escrow wires you your funds, and the deal is closed!

Poplar's communications, icon
Step 6:

We will enact our communications plan to help you get the word out about the acquisition. We will help you communicate effectively about the transition with all stakeholders including employees, homeowners, residents, and vendors.

Poplar's training and transition, icon
Step 7:
Training & Transition

There is a transition period where you help us learn about the business, introduce us to employees/vendors, etc. This is negotiated and agreed upon before the deal closes as to how long and how hands-on the process will be.

Poplar's market growth, icon
Step 8:
Market growth

Our team works with you to put together our state-of-the-art marketing package to generate leads in your region. We grow our businesses together through referrals, email campaigns, press announcements, and more!

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Unlock geographical scale

We're in 15 states and rapidly growing. Together we can unlock new markets that were previously out of reach for each company independently.
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Poplar Homes offers tech-enabled property management services to address the outdated processes of the real estate industry and simplify the lives of homeowners and renters who trust us with their homes. We understands that it's not enough just to manage properties—we want our customers to be able to do it with confidence and control, so they can focus on what matters most.
Meet the team
Carolyn Landis
EVP of Corporate Development and Mergers & Acquisitions

Carolyn Landis serves as Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and Mergers & Acquisitions for Poplar Homes. In this role, she manages Poplar's strategic business initiatives and its M&A efforts. She also partners with various business units across the company on corporate development opportunities with a focus on business and geographic expansion.

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Chlerisse Dane Dellosa
Business Development Manager

In her role, Chlerisse coordinates with and prequalifies interested sellers.  She works diligently to help answer any initial questions about the acquisition process. Chlerisse introduces prospective sellers to the investment team to commence their valuation.

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Joel Tan
Senio Associate M&A

Joel works as an investment and portfolio management associate focused on special situations and real estate investments. At Poplar, he also is fundamental in streamlining internal processes for acquired property management companies.

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Austin Hartley
Corporate Development M&A Associate

Austin is your point of contact in his role as Corporate Development M&A Associate and will guide you through the process and answer all your questions. He also works with other departments across the company on corporate development to increase brand awareness and expand to new markets.

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Michael Lee

When my business partner wanted to retire, Poplar Homes gave us the exit opportunity we were looking for. Since then, I've been able to join Poplar to apply my tech background as the VP of Product at Poplar Homes.

Mitch Deminski

I sold to Poplar Homes because I was striving to implement new technology and grow the business. By joining Poplar my clients will get a technological upgrade that will seamlessly help manage their properties and provide nationwide expansion opportunities to their portfolios.

Key focus areas

Poplar's deliver unbeatable value icon

Deliver unbeatable value to residents to make your properties the most desirable places to live in.

Poplar's streamline reporting icon

Streamline financial reporting to empower asset managers with more data for decision-making.

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Remove geographical restrictions for investors and developers.

Poplar's maximize returns icon

Maximize returns with powerful automation, preventative maintenance and competitive pricing.

Poplar's deliver 24/7 icon

Deliver 24/7 maintenance coverage with only the most trustworthy vendors in each market.

Poplar's single source icon

Create a single source of performance and financial truth for distributed portfolios.

Have questions?

Get in touch if you have questions or want to be a part of Poplar's future in nationwide property management.

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