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    Poplar Homes has always aimed to be the partner of homeowners, renters, and investors at every stage of their real estate journey. Beyond helping our customers lease and manage their assets, Poplar has exerted its full effort to solidify our industry leadership by being a trusted source of information. Staying true to this goal, Poplar has now launched the Poplar Propcast to provide our customers with the knowledge they need to navigate the changing landscape of today’s real estate industry.

    Each discussion on the Poplar Propcast is designed to provide valuable insights and uncover the “whys” and the “hows” behind the challenges that those in the industry might face. Propcast listeners are given the opportunity to pick the brains of some of the most influential minds in the field, through firsthand accounts and retellings of significant experiences. 

    With the Poplar Propcast now in full swing, we sat down with Justin Lieberknecht, to find out how this new venture came to life.



    The storyteller behind the Poplar Propcast 


    The face behind the distinctive voice of Poplar’s new property management podcast belongs to Justin Lieberknecht, the show’s primary host. Justin is no stranger to the real estate industry, being the former AVP at American Homes 4 Rent and the current VP of Marketing at Poplar. His expansive knowledge of real estate allows him to navigate the discussions on the Poplar Propcast with ease.

    While his perceptive questions bring out key insights from the speakers, it’s Justin’s quick wit and enthusiasm that brings an energetic zeal to the interviews. “I’ve been involved with four different podcasts about various sectors,” Justin explains when asked about his podcasting background. “I’ve produced a few and helped train some friends in creating them.”

    As the VP of Marketing, Justin is also actively involved in the production of the show behind the scenes. He attributes his comfort around the craft of podcasting to his long history of public speaking. “From high school theater to a brief stint in stand-up comedy, I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping my brain and my speech connected,” he muses.

    Apart from Justin’s impeccable hosting skills, the Poplar Propcast is also defined by another important component: the guest speakers.



    Educating all sides of the transaction


    In the pre-production stages of the Poplar Propcast, a series of topics and ideas are laid out. Justin and the team choose from a network of real estate professionals whose backgrounds correspond to the episode’s talking points. These discussions are the defining feature of the Propcast that sets it apart from other property management podcasts. Here, listeners are provided insider information gleaned from years of expertise that they would not be able to obtain without firsthand experience.    

    Through this platform, listeners are given access to the bigger picture, and speakers are provided with an avenue to share insights that they wouldn’t be able to give anywhere else. “The goal of the Propcast has been and will continue to educate all sides of the transactions of what the other side knows and experiences,” Justin says. 

    The Poplar Propcast was also designed with usual sources of conflict in the real estate business in mind. With the way that the industry is currently set up, owners, residents, and investors all possess varying perceptions regarding the same transactions and processes. This is the usual point of discord and tension between the different personalities in the field. 

    The conversations on the Propcast can serve as a way to set the record straight on certain issues and address any long-standing disparities. “Many of the professionals we interview are pulled from inside the machine,” Justin explains when asked about what sets the podcast apart. “Podcasting gives them this space, where the ease of producing and communicating ideas from professionals who are sometimes presenters, but not always, should help pull the veil back.”



    Bringing value to listeners, on demand


    The launch of the Propcast marks a significant milestone in Poplar’s mission to become one of the thought leaders in the real estate industry by being a reliable source of information. “We have two listeners: LORI and FORI. Listeners who are Owners, Renters, or Investors, and Future Owners, Renters, and Investors,” Justin clarifies when asked about the Propcast’s target audience.

    Person holding phone with coffee cup beside it

    With six episodes released so far, the Propcast has covered a broad range of topics that listeners can apply to different stages of their real estate journey. In some of the episodes, Justin talks to prominent figures in the industry. Meanwhile, other segments feature extensive looks at the different real estate markets across the US or comparisons between long-term and short-term rentals. One episode even showcases the happenings at one major residential real estate event, Inman Connect. So, whether you’re a budding investor, a seasoned property management business owner, or a first-time renter, the Propcast can help.



    Evolving according to the latest industry trends


    With the Poplar Propcast off to a promising start, listeners can look forward to more inspiring and meaningful discussions among the driving forces of the real estate industry. As the team continues to produce more episodes, the property management podcast is set to branch out into the global market trends and lean into how the dust is settling after the pandemic.

    “I look forward to doing more tech-related information, and I always find conference vibes interesting, so watch for more of those,” Justin says.



    Final Word


    Listeners can tune in to the Poplar Propcast through Apple, Spotify, or wherever they get their podcasts. Get the latest scoop about current trends in the real estate industry every Tuesday.





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