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Today, Onerent (now Poplar Homes) launches their high-tech rental leasing service in Santa Cruz, CA for homeowners and renters.

Onerent’s rental service allows Santa Cruz renters to connect with the homeowners signing up for Onerent’s leasing service. Renters can browse homes for rent in the area and book a showing on-demand, 7 days a week online. After a showing, renters can apply to any listings for free on our mobile-friendly platform. Onerent aims to remove the fragmentation, fees, and frustrations of the traditional rental process by controlling both the online and offline parts of renting.

Given this control of the offline data about rental properties, Onerent can reduce vacancy rates by as much as 60 percent on a home. Onerent also screens for high-quality renters and provides a unique service at half the cost of traditional leasing agents.

As a company, we will first introduce our leasing product to homeowners and offer a full suite of property management services that it already offers in the Bay Area, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Diego, at a future date. Full-service management includes maintenance, payments, rent guarantees for landlords, and a home savings product for renters.

The company combines technology and an on-demand local workforce of “Mobile Managers” to lease and manage their $1 billion portfolio of rental properties. We are the first technology-enabled property manager to provide an end-to-end renter product and service along with our landlord product.

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Onerent is one of the fastest and organically growing real estate portfolios on the West Coast:

  • 3,000 homes leased and managed
  • 1,000+ on-demand rental showings each month
  • 20,000+ renters served
  • 75 cities serviced across California and Washington state

“Santa Cruz is near and dear to our hearts given our headquarters is in San Jose. Following the direction of our existing customers and a trend of increased real estate investment in the Santa Cruz area, we’re looking forward to a swift roll-out of our leasing service in the region.”

Greg Toschi
CEO and Co-Founder
Onerent, Inc.

We’re inviting everyone to participate in this epic Santa Cruz launch and offer $100 off on leasing services to Santa Cruz homeowners who refer or sign up their property for rent.

Sign up for Onerent and get $100 discount on leasing services for your rental now!

Save over 60% on leasing services in Santa Cruz

Sign up your rental home and live easy.

The Santa Cruz Rental Market

About 40 percent of Santa Cruz homes are renter-occupied and the region has had moderate rent growth in recent years. According to a recent market overview report, the median rent in Santa Cruz was $3,400 as of October 2018. A recent report from the U.S Census Bureau indicates that Santa Cruz rents have increased moderately by 2.7 percent year-over-year. Such rent growth is about 60 percent higher than California’s state average of 1.1 percent rent growth year-over-year. 

The steady rent growth along with affordable housing shortage in the Bay Area has led to a housing crisis of its own in Santa Cruz. Some local residents are calling for rent control and will vote on Measure M this November. Students from UC Santa Cruz are also facing difficulty finding accommodation according to some reports. The University management has proposed that faculty rent out rooms to students.

Santa Cruz planning director, Lee Butler, admitted the city is in a housing crisis. They decided to cap short-term vacation rentals like Airbnb to 450 units to preserve affordable housing.