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The real estate industry is one that is highly fragmented and marked with some outdated processes, one of which is the manual use of spreadsheets by property managers in their property management services to owners.

Importance of Property Management Software Technology With Human Touch

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Finding a good property manager can be stressful and time-consuming for owners. With numerous phone calls and office visits to find the best service, owners sometimes still have to rely heavily on word-of-mouth and plain promises. These led to vacancy costs and no guarantee of receiving the best service.

Considering that the US real estate property management industry is so huge with $67 million revenue forecast for 2018, and progressing towards $70 million revenue in 2020 according to Statista, have you thought about the returns you get?


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In the last 15 years or so, technology has started to streamline the process. Though most of the processes are automated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and implementation of technology for renters and owners, there was still a vacuum when searching for the right combination of seamless technology merged with a personalised human touch. Lack of transparency, high pricing and an absence of data-based approach prove costly with stagnated investments or no growth.

Onerent (now Poplar Homes) was created with a mission to provide hassle-free rental service to modern renters and homeowners through its integrated platform.

Onerent is not and never will be just a technology platform or tool. We are full-service so that property owners don’t have to go full service. We have real people on the ground doing property inspections, showings, move-ins, maintenance and notices. In order to create tangible change in the rental experience, we provide comprehensive service throughout the entire life cycle of a rental property.

Here’s how you can now experience Onerent’s technology with a human touch:

Internal Property Management Tools

According to RenterUp, 53% of property managers use nothing more than Excel to manage their rental homes. The use of proper tools in different stages is shockingly less.

Gone are the days when you have to rely on your property manager to use his tools effectively while you sit in the dark. With internal property management tools, you can stay in control of your property and have better visibility. Onerent’s property management tools let you make the best decision through data-based reports.

With Onerent, owners experience advanced technology combined with a human touch that simplifies the property management experience. For example, you might have confusions around how much rent can be asked for your property when you decide to rent it out.

Setting rent over market price could mean a longer time to find a renter adding to vacancy costs, and setting it below market price might lead to losing out on your rental income. You can avoid that by getting a free rent estimate using our AI-powered tool that gives the optimum rate of your rental property.

The Wonders of Data Science

Have you ever asked why your investment is stagnant when it’s supposed to grow? Property management done the right way shows results. The property manager must utilize data and provide the best solutions for fast growth. Decisions must be made through a more data-driven approach with more accountability managing your cherished home.

onerent dashboard for owners

Our Owner Dashboard gives you complete control and 24/7 digital access to your rental while we handle the burdensome day-to-day operations. You can track performance and leasing stats, review maintenance charges, view job invoices, and get a real-time ledger of all expenses.

You can communicate with your team 24/7 all year round and receive real time feedback from your dedicated team to help optimize your home’s performance. In addition, you can also submit requests and view a historical record of all team communication. Using data science, Onerent provides property owners with deep insight reports into how quickly their property will lease given the current market rental comparisons.

Tech enabled on-demand showings merged with human touch

Some property managers and listing sites like Westside rentals charge a showing fee to renters just to see the property. Even access to contact information require payment.

Renters can browse our listings without any cost and enjoy free on-demand showings 7 days a week. Showings of your property are handled by Onerent’s mobile manager team on hand 7 days a week.

With a team of dedicated mobile managers always on the go, renters enjoy and love the easy showing process. Our instant responses to listing inquiries keeps the buzz around your property intact.

According to, among the property management tech trends, Onerent was one of the pioneers in smart rentals, redefining the rental experience in 2018.

Easy Leasing Process

Making a renter’s life easy is vital to your growth. Renters unfortunately have many hassles right from viewing the property to qualifying and processing docs. Equal opportunity was rare with many discriminatory practices when choosing a renter.

Renter applications at Onerent are screened through a fair process with equal opportunity given to all applicants to guarantee the best occupant for your home. The application process is simple, fast and efficient. A renter can finish Onerent’s free online rental application on their phone during a showing, and qualify and sign a lease by the time they get home. In January, Onerent’s first LA beta properties leased in an average of 12 days—a significant improvement over industry standards.

Leave The Maintenance To Us

No more picking up late night phone calls and stressing over rental maintenance. Onerent offers comprehensive packages exclusively for you to handle maintenance issues. Get real-time maintenance updates with the 24/7 service line for maintenance and an online billing portal system.

A Unique Experience

What sets Onerent apart from the 200,000 traditional property managers is the technology we’ve built to provide owners all the data on the performance of their properties, and to give renters a painless experience in rental search, qualifying, and moving in the rental home. We’ve designed a seamless internal process and technology to connect many specialized team rather than relying on a single point of contact as in the traditional model.

With time-tested, full stack, and tech-enabled leasing and property management services merged with a human touch, we are now applying our experience in San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego to Los Angeles. With constant innovation and evolution of our platform, your Onerent experience is always on a growth curve.

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