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    After successfully launching our new brand, Poplar Homes, our team of engineers buckled down to fine-tune some key updates to our product with a specific goal in mind — to keep our customers happy.

    We narrowed in on the Owner Dashboard to improve our rental owners’ experience with Poplar’s platform. Here’s a rundown of the newest product updates that will up the game for property owners.


    Fast and Easy Onboarding



    We understand how important your time is, so we sat down and thought of how we can make onboarding your property faster and easier. We came up with a feature that lets you add all your property’s details on your dashboard. What used to take 45 minutes of discussion with your leasing agent, now only takes 15 minutes or less.

    After you sign up on, you can walk through the steps to add your property’s details and get ready to sign the property management. If your property is vacant, publishing your listing is only a few clicks away.

    To try out the property onboarding feature, get started with a free rent estimate for your rental.


    man using desktop and exploring poplar dashboard



    Thorough Tenant Screening 



    Your trust is very important to us, so we improved our screening process to ensure you get quality renters. We added a layer of verification that requires applicants to provide their work emails. We then send a verification link to that email which they need to click in order to get verified. This will allow us to check if the work emails they provided are active, and confirms that they’re actually employed in the company they claim to be working for.


    woman browsing poplar homeowner dashboard using tablet



    Convenient Expense and Income Tracking 


    We integrated accounting and reporting features across your dashboard to keep you updated on your property’s performance. In the Home tab, you will see an overview of collected income, total earning, rent collection updates, expenses, and maintenance requests. You can also filter the data per month. However, these features are on a limited release basis as they are updated continuously.

    Male landlord holding a digital gadget and a screenshot of Poplar Homes owner dashboard


    The Transactions tab shows your portfolio balance, bills that are due, income collected, and expenses paid that include any home repairs done on your property. It will show your total collected rent and total earnings at a glance.

    The Reports tab is where you can generate and download your owner’s statement and tax form 1099. Your current month’s statement is available for download on the first week of the following month. 

    Man's finger tinkering a tablet that shows Poplar Homes owner dashboard



    Quick Access to Help Features 

    Upon leasing your property, you will have access to two new features on the Owner Dashboard: webchat and a help center. If you need product or service clarification and support, help is now within easy access.

    If you wish to communicate directly with our support team, you can send your message through the webchat field. Our team will reply via email within three business days. If you want to get immediate information or answers to your queries, type in your keywords in the Search Articles field. Links to several suggested information related to your queries will be available for you.

    Man typing in his laptop that shows Poplar Homes owner dashboard Help feature



    These innovative updates are some of the measures we take to ensure you spend less time managing your property, and more time living your life.

    To get started with Poplar’s Owner Dashboard, sign up your property today and join the 1,500+ other homeowners managing their rentals with Poplar Homes.



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