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Before the advent of Poplar Homes, we spent countless hours with owners and renters digging deep into the roots of the antiquated rental process and began to notice deficiencies. Our team is not only committed to building technology that streamlines the rental property management in Los Angeles but also to providing everyone with a happy home.

Poplar Homes is powered by proprietary technology –with expertise and knowledge gained from leasing and managing over 2,000 properties in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, San Diego and now LA. By empowering users with a simple, seamless, full stack rental experience, Poplar Homes provides a quicker process.

Some of our customers have shared their thoughts:

According to latest Forbes study, “The future of real estate tech: How we got here and what’s next in an exploding new ecosystem”, we see different real estate tech companies starting out in different phases: the complementary phase, the challenger phase and the synthesis phase. Poplar Homes emerged as a challenger.


The complementary phase consisted of companies launched back in 1998 up to 2011 and started to introduce software and data in process in traditional marketplaces. Then came the challenger phase from 2011 to 2017, which marked the advent of tech enabled services and space arbitrage enabling companies like Zillow, Trulia, Airbnb to take over.

After Poplar Homes launched in 2015, the focus shifted to Real estate big data using data science to dig deeper into the vast data finding patterns and structures that are a goldmine to investors and owners. This helps them optimize their investments and reap rich dividends. Real estate automation with virtual reality, smart homes, and usage of sensors that provides real time feedback virtually anywhere is the buzz now. Smart lockers in apartments, smart home access and a host of other smart services are ringing in the future of real estate. Right from smart online on-demand booking of showings, to move-in assistance and inspection, setting up a host of services in your home, smart maintenance, Poplar Homes makes sure that your stay is hassle-free, pleasant and a breeze.

Here are some tech-enabled facilities of Poplar Homes offering a unique futuristic experience for Owners and Renters:

Technology for Homeowners:

The hassles faced by an investor owner is many. The most common are poor service, outdated tech, stagnated growth and lack of transparency.


Free Rent Estimate– Owners traditionally have common confusion as to how much rent can be set for their property. With no data-based approach for making a decision, rent prices were quoted on gut instinct leading to vacancy costs due to overpricing and loss in rent due to underpricing with the former being the most common. The right way, however, is to use a data-driven approach that calculates the value of the locality, the amenities, market value, and other value added features. This can be done by staying updated on local economic and business activity in your market. Poplar Homes is especially good at identifying the drivers of housing supply and demand unique to your market for research and other information about local rent levels – past, present, and future.


Even before you decide to rent out your property, you can access the Poplar Homes free rent estimate tool with ease to get an idea of what you could ask for monthly rent. This tool calculates location and amenities based market value of your property. This will guide you towards setting the perfect rent that is crucial for super fast leasing and to avoid vacancy costs.

Owner Dashboard– The most important concerns you will have as an owner are transparency, efficiency, and control over your investment. You can experience complete visibility and always stay in the loop through the Owner Dashboard that has everything you need, all in one place. Offering AI-powered rental performance data, you can track performance and expenses. In addition, you will receive proactive maintenance recommendations to keep your property in pristine condition.

Leasing Dashboard- Stay in the loop while your property leases through the leasing dashboard

You’ll be notified anytime a showing has been scheduled, how many prospective tenants have applied, and where they stand in the process. Receive instant feedback via your Leasing Dashboard and Portfolio Operations Managers (POM). Monitor your property in real-time, and receive insight on how to best optimize its performance. You can also Edit listings through the leasing dashboard.

24/7 support– Communicate with your team round the clock. Receive real-time feedback from your dedicated team to optimize your home’s performance

Submit requests, track maintenance invoices, a historical record of all team communication.

Accounting Ledger– The accounting ledger displays the amount of rent to expect each month along with any expenditures.

Track your property’s expenses in real-time

The Ledger feature displays the amount of rent you can expect to be deposited in your account at the beginning of each month. The Ledger also displays any maintenance work requested and the estimated cost. Invoices for completed work will be posted, breaking down the exact cost of the job.


Data science– Poplar Homes uses Data science to provide property owners with accurate data-based reports into how quickly their property will lease given the current rental market comparisons. Once your property is leased, it provides you with valuable data based reports and recommendations to maximize the performance and grow your investment.

Technology for Renters:

According to a study by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, the number of renter households is projected to cross 45 million by 2015.


The question to ponder is if the existing residential rental property management system can equip such huge population volume with a simple and efficient seamless process.

Here’s how Poplar Homes is ready to take on the challenge to make lives of thousands of renters easy.

Renter portalRent payments are done via through ACH transfer and submitting maintenance requests are a breeze through the Renter portal. In addition, the prospective Renter can book easy on-demand showings online, apply, qualify and sign the digital lease for free. Renters also have Online maintenance support, can pay bills, get invoices and check the status on their portal.


With the user interface designed to be simple, transparent and efficient, you are in for the best experience. Our Integrated Platform and boots on the ground provides a personalized experience.

On-demand showings– After you browse our listings, and book a showing, our dedicated mobile manager team are dispatched automatically with your details to walk you through the showing. You can schedule showings at your convenient time.

Self-tours – All a prospect has to do is book a self-tour online and go see the home as scheduled. The property’s key is kept in an electronic lockbox which is accessed by keying in the serial code in a web page or app.  Save time by reducing the back-and-forth communication with agents and homeowners on the showing day.

Instant renter screening– Renters can upload their documents easily on the go, and qualify instantly in a three-step qualification process. With a fair opportunity for all, you can rest assured that you will move in quickly to your dream home.

Autonomous move-ins– Beyond our autonomous showings, Poplar Homes also equips new residents with Resident Services, a collection of partnerships we’ve established to allow them to set up Renter’s insurance, a moving service, internet or cable packages, and other useful services. By including this in your property’s listing, owners can create a unique and standalone serviced living experience that differentiates their property from other rentals on the market.

Poplar Homes brings more to LA with new upgradations to the platform with focus on making the entire renting cycle enjoyable and easy. LA Residents are already enjoying this personalized experience merged with unique Technology that stands out from the rest.

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