In today’s day and age, investing in real estate is a more popular idea than ever. However, with more, and more people investing in real estate, how do you insure that your investment is going to succeed, and make you a profit? While investing in real estate is a great choice, and one that has become increasingly popular over the past few years, it should not be done without some research. One of the most important things to research being the location.

One of the most impressive, and in demand locations right now, and for the past few years, is the city of Seattle, Washington. Unlike a lot of other cities, the city of Seattle is thriving in every way possible. From a strong job market to new and interesting buildings being developed regularly, the city of Seattle has become an in demand location for real estate developers, and homeowners a like.


Employment Growth

seattle employment growth


Like other major cities, the city of Seattle, Washington is a city with a thriving job market. With unique jobs and strong companies like Amazon calling the city home, it is no wonder that so many people are flocking there. Since the development of the Amazon offices, and the ongoing growth that has followed, the city has gained both national and international recognition as a city that caters to and welcomes new businesses online companies. Because of the appeal that the company of Amazon has to perspective employees and their families, the city has gained a great deal of new residents.

While the city has experienced great growth because of the many jobs from Amazon, the city is home to a strong job market separate from that. In terms of exact figures, in 2013 there were over 80,000 public sector jobs, and more than 400,000 private sector jobs. Economic Development in Seattle While these numbers are from 2013, the numbers have been increasing steadily since 2011.


Ongoing Development

In order to meet the needs of the ongoing development and growth that the city of Seattle has been experiencing, there has been more development than ever before. Over the last decade the city has actually developed, and become home to a number of buildings that have become well known for not only what they house, but also, their unique architecture design. This is especially true around the Amazon Campus, where not only industry and commercial buildings are popping up, but unique residential neighborhoods as well. You can see the current status of all current developments, both proposed and in progress, with this great tool.


Real Estate Development of all Kinds

For years now, the city of Seattle has been known for its cultural landmarks, and events. As the city has continued to develop locations, and investments in real estate for locations like these have grown as well. Unlike some other cities that are doing extremely well in terms of residential real estate investing, the city of Seattle has continued to grow in almost all forms of real estate investment, from industrial, to commercial, to residential. This can be especially seen in newer neighborhoods like South Lake Union Seattle. Neighborhoods like these are home not only to modern residential real estate but also to new commercial developments as well. The neighborhoods surrounding the Amazon offices are another great example of the various kinds of real estate development that has taken place throughout the city of Seattle.


The Seattle market is primed for investors’ properties to appreciate over the next few years, so why are they choosing to rent instead of sell?


Family Friendly Developments

In order for a city to be considered a popular and in demand place to live, it has to be able to offer not only professionals great opportunities, but families as well. The city of Seattle has ran with this idea and used it to make the city even more of a desirable place to live, and invest. The city is not only home to exceptional schools, both public and privately run, but it is also home to family oriented subdivisions, and subdivisions. These neighbourhoods are made up of various housing styles, including: apartments, multi-family housing such as townhomes and multiplexes, traditional two story family homes, and split level bungalow style homes. While development has touched almost everywhere throughout the city, some of the more noticeable changes can be found in downtown Seattle, and South Lake Union Seattle.


Downtown Seattle

Home to popular neighborhoods such as Capitol Hill, First Hill, Pioneer Square, West Edge, SoDo and Belltown, downtown Seattle has something to offer everyone. With ongoing development and construction of condominiums, and modern townhomes, the downtown core is a popular choice of residence for graduate students, professionals, and young families. Close to all of the amenities that one moves to a major city for, the downtown core has experienced great growth and development over the past few years, and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after areas of Seattle.


South Lake Union Seattle

The neighborhood of South Lake Seattle is modern, and constantly changing. Known as one of the most in demand and most rapidly developing areas in Seattle, the neighborhood of South Lake Union is made up of modern apartment style condominiums, multi-level townhomes, apartments, and traditional 2-story family homes. Unlike some other neighborhoods, the neighborhood of South Lake Union Seattle is located in a great proximity to, and in some cases is home to, some of the most well-known landmarks in the city, including: The Space Needle, Volunteer Park, Southwest Queen Anne Greenbelt, and Kerry Park. South Lake Union

For anyone looking to invest in real estate, the first rule of real estate cannot be ignored – location is key. No matter what you want to invest in, be it commercial property, industrial, or the more traditional and popular residential option, it is necessary for those looking to invest to be aware of where the best place to invest their money in order to make the best profit possible. In recent years, the city of Seattle Washington has become known for its landmarks, unique architecture, excellent schools, and rapid development. In fact, the city has been considered to be one of the top cities for real estate investment for the past several years, and is expected to continue in to 2016.

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