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There are more great ways to get involved in San Francisco than almost anywhere else in the world. From humanitarian groups organized to help the homeless to environmental groups dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the Bay Area to the arts and health care, San Francisco is a very easy city in which to get involved.


San Francisco City Impact

san francisco city impact

San Francisco City Impact volunteers serve food to the homeless and hungry every day. Opportunities exist to teach an inner-city child a skill, sponsor a child at San Francisco City Academy, provide medical care and visit people who are shut-in and offer customer service and care in the organization’s Thrift Store. If you have photography or video skills, graphic design expertise, tech support training, or construction experience, San Francisco City Impact will be glad to hear from you.


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

san francisco museum of modern art

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art volunteers perform a variety of duties, including helping visitors find their way through the building, checking people in at events and assisting behind the scenes in the museum’s offices. SFMOMA’s volunteer guides initiate dialogue, foster discovery, and open the eyes and minds of visitors.

Some of the benefits of volunteering include free admission to the museum as well as the museums with which SFMOMA partners. Volunteers also participate in special educational programs with preeminent artists, curators, and thinkers. What’s more, they enjoy behind-the-scenes museum tours, including curatorial walkthroughs of new exhibitions.

You can visit SF MOMA in downtown San Francisco. We’ve also written a guide to get to know San Francisco for all readers.


San Francisco’s Department of the Environment’s Community Clean Team

San Francisco Department of the Environment’s Community Clean Team

San Francisco’s Department of the Environment’s Community Clean Team keeps San Francisco beautiful through landscaping and gardening projects, graffiti removal and litter cleanup.

The citywide volunteer program partners city agencies with residents, merchants and students to clean and beautify San Francisco neighborhoods. Eco-minded volunteers are always welcome!


The San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium


The San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium (SFCC) works to ensure people of all income levels have access to comprehensive, coordinated and efficient health care that is culturally and linguistically appropriate. SFCC serves overlooked populations such as homeless San Franciscans, immigrant communities and seniors.

Volunteers are needed for clinical and administrative work at all of their facilities including the Curry Senior Center, the Mission Neighborhood Health Center, the San Francisco Free Clinic, the Native American Health Center, Saint Anthony Free Medical Clinic and a host of other health care oriented facilities providing for members of The City’s under-served populations.


San Francisco Theater Community


San Francisco’s theater community partners with churches, schools, parks, clubs and people to bring live theater to as many people as it can. Organizations in need of volunteer assistance include The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, The San Francisco Playhouse, the New Conservatory Theatre Center, Young Performers Theatre and Theatre Bay Area. Ushers, sound technicians, lighting assistants, scenery personnel and of course monetary donations are greatly appreciated.

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