Some old-fashioned landlords will still evaluate prospects based on their dress, how they communicate over email, and if they arrive to the listing on time. While this does lead to discriminatory laws, it is still widely practiced in most property management companies. At Poplar Homes, we avoid this by evaluating all prospects solely on their financial apply to pay monthly rent and their background check. Not how they dress or talk. 

Bring Your Necessary Documents

Competitive rental markets often means moving fast through the application process. The more prepared and qualified a renter is, the more likely they will be chosen as the tenant. When arriving at a showing, we recommend bringing along:

  • Proof of employment and income
  • Official W2s
  • Tax returns
  • 2-3 months of pay stubs and bank statements
  • Valid form of government issued ID
  • Checkbook and pen for holding deposit and application fee

Having these documents in hand will show the landlord you are serious and prepare to sign a lease. In the case you tour an apartment and find that it is a perfect fit for you, you will have the necessary documents to complete an application.

rental property mountain view

At Poplar Homes, renters can apply for an apartment and submit their required documents online. Best part is that all applications are free.

Ask the Right Questions

Most landlords might have listings with missing or somewhat complete information. If you visit a home services by a professional management company, such as Poplar Homes, the property details would be fully advertised on the online listing. During the showing, we recommend having the online listing on your phone while taking notes of the property. Asking the right questions to the landlord will also demonstrate you’re prepared, curious, and serious about the property.

Throughout your apartment hunt, be sure to understand what landlords are looking for to give yourself a competitive edge. If you put your best foot forward, you will most likely end up with more apartment application approvals than rejection.

Not interested in calling landlords, scheduling showings manually, and paying for application fees? Try Poplar Homes for a new way to rent homes!