Seattle, Washington is an incredible city to live in. Unique foods, promising career opportunities, and lively culture can all be found in the Emerald City. We can all dream of living here. However, actually securing a rental in Seattle is another story.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Seattle is the ninth fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States. Around 1,100 residents move here per week from calculations by the American City Business Journal. With the sheer number of people moving toward this area, finding a rental home can be quite difficult. This is the reason why Seattle is among the top 10 most expensive U.S. rental markets!

Take a look at a few apartment-hunting tips that will get you the Seattle home you’ve been dreaming of.

Get To Know Residents Living In The Area

When it comes to apartment-hunting, an easy trick is to first ask anyone you may know living in the area. Their experiences living in Seattle should paint a vivid picture and give you realistic expectations for places to move. Finding the right neighborhood is subjective, however collecting as much information about the area will let you think objectively.

After you’ve asked your friends and family, search online for travel and destination articles for the best places to live. Seattle is a fast-paced and touristy location. Reading a few blogs can save you from the headache of dealing with tourists everyday when heading for work.

Research The Neighborhoods

Apart from getting to know the area through family and friends, you would also want to research the neighborhoods using the internet. Ask yourself these three questions: how much is the price, what is the average commute time, and what amenities are included. If you can find a location where the price, commute, and amenities are ideal, then you’ve found your dream home.

Go to Poplar Homes, Zillow, or Craigslist, and start looking around in different areas for the average prices and commute times. If you enjoy a short commute, then you can take a look at Capitol Hill or Queen Anne. If you would rather live farther and save money on rent, taking a look at Beacon Hill or West Seattle can be an option.

Finding the right neighborhood takes due diligence, however, it will make you a more knowledgeable Seattle resident after moving there.

Check Available Rental Listings

Proactively checking available rental listings will give you the edge and priority to schedule a showing and apply to a property. We recommend setting a Google Alert that sends an email to your inbox whenever a new listing that meets your requirements gets published. A tech-enabled property manager like Poplar Homes will provide a one-stop shop for listings, and allows you to apply for multiple properties throughout their network.

Seattle caters to diverse residents looking for a unique experience and world-class amenities. However difficult your search, your diligence will help you find the ideal place of your own. We strongly encourage you to take your time in researching the best areas to live that fit your lifestyle needs.