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    It is estimated that  21.3 million American renters spend 30% of their income on rent. Renters often find it difficult to save for a house while renting.

    In addition to the stress of finding a next home quick during the move-out period, they also have to deal with so many unnecessary hassles and expenses.

    Traditionally, hunting for an apartment meant wading through cryptic yard signs, inscrutable classified listings, and frustrating games of phone tag.

    To find a place, a renter has to scan yard signs, scour Craigslist, stop by leasing offices, and search a bevy of websites big and small. This makes finding an apartment a disappointing and time-consuming ordeal. This is the frustration of many renters, especially as rents rise and vacancy rates fall. 

    Renters who sign up with Poplar Homes do not face such issues and end up saving money in the long run.

    Here are 12 ways renters can save for a home while renting with Poplar Homes:


    1. Free On-Demand Showings

    Renters on Poplar Homes can visit any of our properties on-demand, 7 days a week at no cost.

    Our dedicated mobile manager team is always on the move so you can enjoy an easy showing process. While at the showing, you can qualify to rent the place through our mobile app designed to give you a swift and hassle-free application.

    The financial benefit of this is that you can view a property anytime at any day, whenever convenient to you. You do not need to adjust your schedule to accommodate for the landlords’ showings schedule. This allows renters, like yourself, not to take time off of work.


    2. Fairly Priced Listings

    Poplar Homes listings are priced fairly according to the going local market rate. The property prices are not boosted, unlike other sites, to please owners.

    Homeowners who list their property with Poplar Homes are given a free rent estimate to have an idea on how much their property can be priced. This reduces the chances of you, as a renter, overpaying for a home.

    3. Instant responses to listing inquiries

    Interested in a property? You will receive instant responses to any type of inquiry via email, text message, phone call, or through our live online renter dashboard.

    Having information on demand enables you to make informed and quick decisions. This saves money spent on travel and conveyance and time spent trying to find a place.

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    4. Online Application

    After asking our existing renters about their rental experience from previous landlords, we found that the most common burden was submitting paper applications.

    Poplar Homes launches rental applications into the 21st century for the modern renter with online rental applications. We’ve streamlined the application process to make it quicker and easier for prospective residents.

    Renters can create an account by providing their employment status, employer, credit score, income, and supporting financial documents.

    After creating an account, you can build a new renter group or join an existing one through a code. Your first application will require a one-time fee found on your renter dashboard. Then, you can apply for any property as long as it is within the same market—no need to submit a new application and pay an additional fee per rental home.

    5. Quick & Fair Application Screening process

    Poplar Homes gives every applicant equal opportunity to qualify without discrimination based on federal, state, and local laws. Any renter can qualify online with a credit check, background check, employment, and income verification.

    A fair housing policy is in place and the screening process follows guidelines of state and federal fair housing laws. The quick screening process does not leave you hanging and visiting more properties thereby saving more money that you may potentially spend on new application fees.

    6. Quick Move-Ins

    Enjoy quick move-ins in a short period of time. Poplar Homes is also highly accommodating towards renters moving in from other state or country.

    The quick move-ins helps you save money, especially if you are in a tight financial spot and would want to move-in to your new affordable neighborhood or home immediately.

    7. Full Move-In Inspection

    Prior to your arrival, Poplar Homes conducts a pre-move-in inspection, making sure the property is ready for you. This is made possible by a careful combination of Poplar Homes’ integrated platform and boots-on-the-ground approach, giving the renter the best renting experience.

    The inspection gives you protection from damages that may already exist in the property. This prevents money being taken away from your security deposit.

    8. Move-In Convenience

    With Poplar Homes, you can schedule the move-in at your most convenient time. Renters might be working, traveling, or on an important business trip. Poplar Homes’ flexible move-in convenience saves you unnecessary money loss involved in rigid move-ins.

    9. Easy Rent Payments

    Renters can pay monthly rent easily and securely online without any add-on charges. Rent payments are done via ACH transfer. Poplar Homes’ renter dashboard gives you the full overview of all transactions to avoid confusions and financial loss.

    10. Real-Time Maintenance Dashboard

    The renter dashboard has been designed to provide more transparency, utility, and value for Poplar Homes renters. Renters can also take initiative to build their renter profiles, follow their application status, maintenance requests, and ask general inquiries about their home.

    You don’t have to take time off from your work or travel to meet the property manager for any requests or payments. This convenience saves you money for your entire stay at a Poplar home.

    11. 24/7 Customer Support

    Are you sick of phantom landlords and maintenance requests constantly going unheard? Poplar Homes’ 24/7 support team works round the clock throughout the year, ready and waiting for your call especially when maintenance issues pop up.

    Poplar Homes is ever present in your rental journey and its support system makes sure that you have a pleasant experience. No more taking leave from work and money loss due to maintenance issues.

    12. Save for a House While Renting with Poplar Street 

    Poplar Homes’ Poplar StreetCred home savings program gives you 20% of your monthly rent back when you buy a home. Qualified renters who sign up for Poplar Street and lease a property through our leasing platform can build their Poplar Home Savings with each month’s rent payment.

    The product provides an alternative way to save money for your future when rents across the country continue to rise. 

    Thousands of renters in the Bay Area, Seattle, and now Los Angeles easily find their dream homes on Poplar Homes through a simple, renter-friendly experience online at no cost.






    Poplar Street gives 20% of your rent back to help you buy a home.