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    Key takeaways:


    • Poplar Homes continues its growth, acquiring three more companies in California, namely, Rancho Plaza Realty, A.R.K. HOA Management, and Action Management.
    • These strategic acquisitions bring Poplar closer to more homeowners in the state of California, offering rent guarantee, eviction coverage, and 24/7 maintenance support.
    • This current move of Poplar opens opportunities to local homeowners by using the company’s tech-enabled national tools and efficient systems.


    Poplar Homes has extended its reach to more locations in California by acquiring Rancho Plaza Realty, Action Management, and ARK HOA Management. The acquisition is expected to provide a broader range of benefits to homeowners and renters across all companies involved.



    Reasons behind expansion


    Poplar Homes’ recent decision to expand more in California is a result of numerous vital factors. Although the state’s population dropped by 0.29% in 2022 compared to 2021, California still has a massive population of 39,029,342. Additionally, 44% of the state’s households are renters, making it the third state with the largest share of renters, following Washington (58%) and New York (45%).

    Aside from these reasons, California also has a strong job market and significant tourism, overall creating a high demand for rentals. The Golden State continuously attracts more tenants and more investors wanting to build their rental portfolios in the area.

    Now, Poplar Homes intends to offer more homeowners and renters its innovative approach to real estate, with more locations to service through the acquisition of these three top-tier companies. The company’s expansion in California is also a strategic move to capitalize on the state’s favorable market conditions and grow its business.



    Poplar guarantees available in California


    With the acquisition of Rancho Plaza Realty, Action Management, and ARK HOA Management, Poplar can now offer its various services to more homeowners in the state, starting off with the Poplar Guarantees.


    Rent guarantee

    Poplar is offering their homeowners financial protection like nobody else in the industry. The rent guarantee ensures that homeowners are getting their payout every third business day of the month, even if the renters are a little bit delayed on their payments. This creates a steady cash flow for homeowners so they can pay attention to more important matters than following up on rent payments constantly.


    Eviction coverage

    In addition to the Rent Guarantee, Poplar Homes also offers Eviction Coverage for California homeowners. Although evictions of Poplar-approved renters are very rare, the company offers assistance to homeowners by covering up to $15,000 of legal fees in the unlikely event of parting ways with a renter. This added benefit provides homeowners with peace of mind, knowing that they have an extra layer of protection in place.


    24/7 maintenance support

    Managing your own property can take up much of your time and is such an arduous task to do. Answering late-night calls and attending to maintenance requests are just some of the few responsibilities owners have to take note of. On a good note, Poplar has 24/7 maintenance support that takes care of everything. From handling calls to actually attending to maintenance requests, Poplar covers it all.

    Aside from that, the company also provides updates on the status of each request and expense through an easy-to-navigate homeowners’ dashboard. This is to ensure that you are in the loop of everything that’s happening with your investment.



    Advantages of signing with Poplar


    With the acquisition of three local companies in California, Poplar can now reach more homeowners in different parts of the state. By signing with the Cupertino-based company, local owners can unlock unlimited potential for their rentals by using Poplar’s tech-enabled national tools and efficient systems. 

    And with the local knowledge of Rancho Plaza Realty, Action Management, and ARK HOA Management, Poplar has more boots on the ground now than ever that are familiar with the local scene and can help local owners maximize their property’s potential.

    Lastly, Poplar Homes has a national reach that homeowners can take advantage of. Expand your business to different areas in the country, and Poplar will be with you all throughout the journey, providing a streamlined approach that is best for specific locations you want to operate in.



    About Rancho Plaza Realty


    Operating in Temecula, Menifee, Murrieta, Sun City, Hemet, and throughout Riverside County, Rancho Plaza Realty offers homeowners all-around property management services that handle the day-to-day operations of each property while protecting the interests of the owners and their investments. They consist of licensed property managers trained to provide services that cover every aspect of the rental process, from screening tenants to arranging for repairs and maintenance.



    About Action Management – Long Beach


    Providing full-service property management solutions in Southern California for more than 40+ years, Action Management’s in-depth knowledge of the local markets helps homeowners make the most of their investment, from listing their property up to move-out or end of the lease. Prior to joining Poplar, Action Management operated in more than 30+ Southern California communities, managing more than 600 units.



    About A.R.K. Management – San Diego


    In San Diego, A.R.K. is the sole company providing a comprehensive management agreement encompassing everything. Their team consists of industry leaders with a track record of success and a deep understanding of the local environment. They are well-equipped to provide outstanding management services to HOA board members.

    Of the three recently acquired companies, A.R.K. is the only HOA management company. Poplar sees this successful acquisition as a unique opportunity to attract more homeowners and prospective clients.


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    Final thoughts


    Poplar Homes’ decision to expand its reach in California is a strategic move that takes advantage of the state’s favorable market conditions and tech-focused culture. California’s large population and strong economy make it an attractive market for property management companies, particularly those that offer innovative solutions like Poplar Homes.

    The recent acquisition of Rancho Plaza Realty, Action Management, and A.R.K Management not only broadens Poplar’s reach in California but also strengthens its campaign of offering top-tier services and national tools across the country to help local homeowners maximize their returns.




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