Looking back on early 2015, I distinctly remember the moment in which Greg, Rico, and myself were sitting down with our advisor, Chris Cabrera, discussing this persistent desire we all had to take on much larger challenge with Onerent (now Poplar Homes). 

We wanted to turn our focus from being just another listing platform to instead addressing the complete rental experience. It was a real opportunity to move an industry forward in a meaningful way and have influence on the most sensitive parts of people’s lives: home. The task ahead was daunting and we thought maybe waiting was better. Chris looked us in the eyes and declared that we must set a stake in the ground of where we believe success lies, suck it up, and go after what we know to be the ultimate outcome. This moment marks a rebirth of energy and excitement–thank you Chris.

Some amazing individuals joined our growing team, the product was rebuilt for the basic needs of renting, and ultra-efficient operational flows started to take shape. We were visiting homes, taking photos, posting listings, installing locks, testing stoves, dusting, opening doors, closing doors, flushing toilets, getting rides home from clients, collecting rent and so much more.

Now, a year later, we’ve paused for a breath of air and as we look up, it is clear that the time has come to plant the next stake for the future of Onerent. Property management can be a messy and unsexy world that often resists growth. Therefore, the only way we can can stand out and grow rapidly is with a consistent message and vision for what the future will be. Today we define ourselves and create consistency in the form of a new brand identity, message, and set of values. This will allow us to take the next great leap on our mission to complete a rental experience everyone can trust.


Live Easy

The benefits of serving long-term rentals is that we have built deep personal relationships with property owners and renters all over the West Coast in the Bay Area, Seattle, and now San Deigo. We’ve developed a wealth of knowledge on how to eliminate all pains of renting from both sides. How to create a simple, reliable experience. All so you can live easy. For owners, we’re your partner, navigating the experience of establishing a reliable stream of passive income and supporting your growing portfolio. For renters, we’re there when it matters most for you, your family, and your comfort. An easy life is only possible with a strong support system. Onerent is that partner you can count on.

We’re in a unique position to empower property owners to focus on growing with us while enabling renters to shape what they call home. Our new identity embraces this concept of growth and humanity in the form of a simple leaf combined with the familiar shape of the map pin.

onerent new logo

Our new colors are more welcoming, calming, and reflective of the sense of security and trust we aim to build.

white pin lineup

The new mark instills a sense of humanity in a Valley that is overwhelmed with products that are simply enhancing single moments with playful technology. Our paths are being pushed in the direction of less human touch, more automation. We argue that there can be balance of the two.


Becoming a force for change

As we cross this threshold with Onerent, I encourage all people to unify with us in a message of change and growth. Progress only begins with people working together in an environment conducive to change. In order to bring change to our world–one that is wrought with opposition to progress and destructive hatred–we must take a moment to understand each other. As a community, we must rise to the occasion and embrace the unknown with humility and fortitude.

Onerent’s team is the perfect example of these values. We’re a young and energetic bunch, yet the power of our collective vision combined with these values has brought the human touch to managing the homes and lives of thousands of people.

rent the human way


The future of home

Home is where we put down roots and build our future. Whether it’s growing a new family, beginning a new career, or establishing financial stability, we are fortunate to be a part of this journey. This the future that we imagined when Chris told us to set our stake in the ground. It’s been a year of tremendous growth, both personally and company-wide.

With our success in mind, we encourage you to set your own stake in the ground and build the future you wish to see.

Look at the world around you, the time is now.



Ready, set, grow.

If you’re a property owner or renter, join us on this wild adventure!

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