Things are heating up at Poplar Homes. We’ve recently been making a lot of changes at the company to accommodate new growth and models. We’ve restructured our services to give better packages for owners and further specialized our team.

Here’s some quick stats to summarize Poplar Homes’ recent activity:

  • 2,300 listing inquiries responded to instantly per month 24/7
  • 650 showings per month
  • 50+ leases signed per month
  • Average time to lease of 14 days
  • Serving over 60 cities across the Bay Area and Seattle
  • Processing over 500 maintenance requests each month, 24/7

This growth means we must pick up the pace of development to keep all of our property owners and residents happy.

As we recently wrote about, and as you can see by our 24/7 execution, Poplar Homes is truly a full-service company and product for property owners and renters.

Recently, we’ve released a handful of small but significant improvements to our product towards being a more proactive and transparent partner for owners.

This will kickoff a series of posts highlighting different aspects of Poplar Homes’ product and service that have not had the spotlight in the past.

List a Property, Get a Rent Estimate

rent estimate and owner dashboard mcbook iphone
rent estimate and owner onboarding flow desktop

Typically, when you’re interested in signing up with a property manager, as an owner, you are directed to give them a call to get a quote or set up an in-person meeting. While it’s important to retain that human touch during the sign-up process, we sat down to think how could we also demonstrate the power of Poplar Homes’ technology and make it easier for owners to get started to find quality renters quickly.

The answer is a seamless owner sign-up and property onboarding process.

In just three steps, you can enter your property’s information, setup your account, and get a hand-picked rent estimate and comparable listings report.


rent estimate


You then have the chance to explore the Owner Dashboard and see how it may be useful during the leasing process and beyond.


property management dashboard

When you’re ready, schedule an inspection with one of our local Field Ops Specialists who will come out to meet you, take photos and inspect the place for habitability and rentability standards.

property inspection schedule

We know every single day is lost money for an owner with a vacant rental. Why not reduce the friction to get started so that you can have your property signed up and listed with Poplar Homes in under 36 hours.

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Set Your Pricing Strategy

pricing strategy and leasing stats macbook iphone

One of the other major influences on a property owner’s vacancy costs is pricing your unit correctly given current market conditions.

At Poplar Homes, we’ve developed a methodology and algorithym to calculate a recommended range for setting your monthly rent. We go beyond pure automation like other tools on the market and focus on hand-picking comparable listings that are similar to your unit’s location, size, and quality. Then, after taking into consideration similar listings and the market’s trajectory, we produce a precise range for where to set rent.

You then have the power to select your desired rent based on our analysis within one of three categories:

  1. Competitive (Below Market)
  2. At Market
  3. Aggressive (Above Market)

Each category comes with its own conditions for how we handle the property during the leasing process.

You can adjust this price at any point during the leasing process based on our team’s recommendations or your tolerance for vacancy.


Resident Services

renter resident insurance services dashboard


renter setup renters insurance dashboard

For many renters, the hassle of renting extends beyond just the search process. Rent payments is an expected convenience these days with the proliferation of online rent payments. And online, multimedia maintenance requests are already a standard with Poplar Homes.

The next big question we are asking is, what about the infrastructure to life? What about the process to move-in, set up your new home, and enjoy the space to its greatest potential? What about protecting your home and the things inside?

Now the move-in experience for renters is as easy as a few taps with the launch of Resident Services.


Incoming residents can set up renter’s insurance through our new partnership with Sure and they can schedule a mover on-demand with our partner, Lugg.

We’ll be launching a bunch more great resident services in the coming months as well!

For property owners, this helps your unit stand out in the crowded market.

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